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Analyzify Shopify Google Analytics App

Analyzify is a Shopify app that helps e-commerce stores with their data analytics setup. With Analyzify Shopify merchants can: 
- Set up data layers, Google Tag Manager on their Shopify store,
- Have a complete Google Tag Manager setup including Google Analytics 4 and many others,
- Reach an accurate reporting and tracking solution,
- Fix their data analytics-related problems including Google Ads and Facebook Pixel. 

Analyzify doesn't require any technical and data analytics knowledge. Every Shopify store can easily set up and configure Analyzify. 

Analyzify also supports: 
- Google Universal Analytics 
- Enhanced e-commerce tracking
- Bing Microsoft pixels
- Google Ads conversion tracking
- Google Ads remarketing setup 
- Pinterest, Tiktok, Snapchat, and 10+ integration. 

Analyzify V1 is built using Ruby & Rails and hosted by Heroku. Analyzify V2 is built using Go, Bubble, and many other no-code technologies. 
Analyzify data layers are open-source and can be accessible through: 

Startup from Estonia

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