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Amberloom Website Checker is the most comprehensive online scanner and website analyzer you have ever used. It offers a complete site analysis with just a few clicks and gives you a detailed report with suggestions on what can be improved. It checks everything about your website – it finds the servers your web operates on; performs a domain check, which analyzes your domain zone and DNS records; checks if your mail servers are configured properly and whether they are blacklisted; performs a vulnerability scan of your servers; checks your web pages for broken links; SEO scans your web pages; checks whether your HTML code is valid; retrieves your SERP rank; checks your website's TLS/SSL configuration, evaluates its speed, evaluates usability on mobile devices, checks your domain reputation and scans it for malware, and much more.

As a result, Amberloom Website Checker provides you with a detailed customizable report that you can work with. Not only the report gives you an information about the status of your website's infrastructure, but it also gives you a number handy recommendations on how to deal with revealed problems. You can use it for yourself to improve your project, or you can present the report to your target audience, your managers, colleagues, other teams in your company, to prove you are doing a great job.

For consultants and entrepreneurs, we have prepared fully white-labelled reports that you can present as your own and thus becoming a professional website analyzes reseller.


Amberloom is was build using ASP.NET, C#, MSSQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Windows Server 2012.

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