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Alter Securities

At Alter Securities™, we develop new financial instruments and innovative technology to improve market efficiency, expand investment opportunities set, and enhance investors’ risk-return profiles. Investors can buy, sell, store, and invest in common assets in unconventional way, and manage investments, all in one place. We aim for open, global financial system that is efficient, accessible and accommodates all investors. Currently, our premier offering is Tranched Value Security - a patented financial instrument which allows investors to transform risk-return profile of their underlyings in previously unavailable ways.

Innovative Instruments

Alter Securities™ devotes a substantial amount of resources to research and development of innovative financial products, which aim to expand investors’ opportunities and accommodate various risk-return targets.​

Flexible Opportunities

We facilitate and implement a wide variety of financial instruments, which can be issued on any asset in place with fully customizable terms. This allows a wide range of trading starting from simple forward agreements, to the most complex structured products and innovative securities.

Diverse Financial Products

Previously crypto-assets were rare instruments, just like asset-backed securities some time ago. However, currently both of them went mainstream and are well-adopted. Now there are other opportunities that went unnoticed and traded between elite and small groups of investors. At Alter Securities, we aim to bring these instruments for mass adoption and to push your horizons.​

Distinct Investment Assets

Current capital markets offer trading of the most traditional and conservative assets, while the volume of out-of-radar opportunities, hidden for common users, amounts to trillions of dollars! Alter Securities is here to establish the connection and bring alternatives to main stream, while being a leading innovator in financial products. 

Enhanced Liquidity

We are continually expanding our network of market makers, brokers, and financial intermediaries, while working with the best capital providers that ensures that at Alter Securities there will be a seller for every buyer, and for every seller, there will be a buyer.​

Global Access

Alter Securities comprises a talented team from five countries and compiling talents of +10 nationalities, and expanding. Our global operations allow us to comply and accommodate global regulations and best practices to ensure best customer service from all over the world. 

Advanced Technology  

Our trading platform supports various order types, from the most basic limit order to advanced trading, helping investors execute a wide variety of trading strategies.

Strength & Stability 

Our strong risk management and security, conservative balance sheet and automated risk controls protect Alter Securities and our clients from undesirable or unexpected investment performance. Unlike other companies, where management owns a small share, we participate significantly in the downside just as much as in the upside which makes us run our operations conservatively. Even in the initial development phases, Alter Securities might hold trading positions in OTC derivatives and offered products in order to ensure deep liquidity and customer satisfaction.​

Ultimate Transparency  

The implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), together with assets securitization and tokenization, ensures that the processes within the platform are 100% transparent and available to any interested party, while maintaining safety and security.​

Simple Process

While the technology accommodating our solutions and financial instruments is of the state-of-art by including the latest IT developments, we made sure that the processes of trading financial products and issuance are as simple as possible for the end-user so that it is accessible by all potential investors despite the background.

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