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simplify, accelerate, optimise, control your marketing with agility...



Marketing is growing quickly. Every day, we are creating more content and are running more campaigns using various media channels. As a result, marketers are facing extreme complexities in their ability to efficiently orchestrate their activities on time and in a controlled manner, while keeping budget costs at a minimum.  

Agil Technologies is an innovative MarTech startup based in Paris and London that helps brands and their ecosystem better collaborate and address the evolving challenges they are facing. The company was founded in 2014 by recognised and experienced marketing, advertising and digital technologies professionals. The company objective is to provide brands with open innovation and best user experience through simplification, acceleration, optimisation and control. 
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Agil Technologies has built a unique, innovative and intuitive SaaS marketing collaborative platform, which takes advantage of open innovation provided by the best existing marketing automation tools and apps in the world. As a result, campaigns are performed more efficiently and all information and content are accessible from one place for everyone. Campaign activation can be rolled-out directly from agility using the apps corresponding to the chosen channel. In addition, using agility massively reduces time to market that allows marketers to concentrate on other value added activities. Finally, through the reporting dashboard, all players are in full control of what is happening and can drive their activities in real time. This integrated end-to-end workflow drastically reduces marketing costs.

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