Adder Analytics for the Real World. OOH Impressions, conversions, and more.


Analytics for the Real World. OOH Impressions, conversions, and more....

Adder brings analytics to the real world for out of home advertisers. Get impressions, conversions, and more

Originally conceived as a vehicle advertising platform, ADDER innovates to bring digital analytics and measurement tools to the out of home (OOH) and word of mouth (WOM) advertising markets.

Adder set out originally to create a vehicle advertising SaaS platform, offering KPIs to out of home marketers that had been exclusive to online ads in the past. In trying to build our platform, we learned about a bigger problem -- no one in OOH had any reliable, verifiable analytics data. And so, we decided we should solve that problem.

On April 1, 2019, we launched the first OOH advertising analytics APIs in the world. With over $900,000 in pre sales for our API services and enterprise solutions, we're confident we made the right choice in responding to the market with agility. We now license APIs and SDKs for other OOH advertisers to enjoy these analytics capabilities, and continue to run the best gig-economy fleet of car wraps on the market.

Adder utilizes verified, consent based and anonymized location data to generate actionable marketing analytics to out of home advertisers and their business clients.

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