50DMC We allow musicians and filmmakers to produce music videos that fans love.


We allow musicians and filmmakers to produce music videos that fans love....

50DMC Allows musicians to source more ideas and to reduce the gap between their available funds and the budget needed to make more music videos, provides a platform for filmmakers that not only allows them to promote themselves directly to their customer segment but also generates music video leads, while letting fans to meeningfully contribute ideas or even funds.

We reduce the funds gap by connecting musicians with not only local filmmakers but also ones from lower economic countries which results in lower production costs and by engaging their fans in ways that encourage them to also chip in financially. Filmmakers can access a much wider net of musicians that are actively seeking to commission music videos without the need of running expensive adverts and core fans of an artist can potentially influence the outcome of their next music video or even get their names in the credits for a small donation.

  • Built on AWS infrastructure. Mainly with php, java and some ajax.

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