506 AI-powered, data-driven, marketing & service solution provider


AI-powered, data-driven, marketing & service solution provider...

506 is a digital marketing company specialized in first-party data. The focus is on the analysis, management, and activation of digital visitor and customer data that we collect for our customers. Based on this data, we develop unique and personalized communication measures that sustainably increase our clients' business success. With this "people-based marketing" approach, our "customer data products" and deep know-how across all digital media, we offer a unique service portfolio.

What sets us apart is our customer-centric approach, driven by data to connect the entire marketing and sales process. We focus on individual targeting, personalized communication, and connect actions along the marketing funnel. In this way, we bring back to our customers' complete control over their own data: from digital advertising measures and lead generation to closing and existing customer care.

By combining visitor and customer data in the 506 Customer Data Platform (CDP) and existing company data, we can also predict and respond to the potential behavior of visitors and customers with our predictive analytics solutions.

Techstack, Hubspot, WP Rocket, WordPress, React

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