3veta Go-to solution for meeting clients online.


Go-to solution for meeting clients online....

Startup from Bulgaria

3veta is an end-to-end solution aiming to digitalize the world of services. Not everyone can be tech-savvy or have the resources to create their own platform where they can host video meetings and get paid. We want to change that. Our goal is to make it extremely easy for anybody to create their own platform, with their own branding, where they can provide online consultations and get paid. With 3veta you can: - Host video meetings with clients (free or paid)
- Receive secure payments prior to a meeting
- Keep track of all your clients and transactions
- Have all meetings happen on your own subdomain (e.g. FirstnameLastname.3veta.com)
- (optional) Create a presentational website where you can showcase your services (e.g. yourname.3veta.com)


We use technology that is truly state of the art.We built our proprietary video solution in-house based on an implementation of the WebRTC protocol.On top of that, we added features and improved user experience, tailoring it to the needs of our customers.All video (and all our services for that matter) is hosted on AWS scalable servers to ensure no downtime and the best quality possible, no matter your location. This means providers can meet online with several clients at a time with no loss of quality whatsoever.Our platform’s frontend is built with React and Next.js, providing an excellent experience across all devices.On the backend we use the established stability of MVC frameworks, in particular CakePHP, and modern database handling with PostgreSQL.The whole stack utilizes the modern microservices architecture with Docker containers running on a cluster.




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