Why Startups Make Great Employers For In-House Lawyers

The startup culture is alluring because you get the freedom and flexibility to work your way. Young and passionate people love to work in such job settings. Even the older people in the workforce find the idea exciting. Not surprisingly, job markets are witnessing the startup boom, with top talent making a beeline for this segment. It doesn’t just apply to corporate professionals but also lawyers looking for in-house counsel opportunities. Let us explain why startups make great employers for in-house lawyers.

Get to make a difference
Working as in-house counsel with a new business is an opportunity to make a significant and visible difference to your organization. It is like being in the middle of the action. You have to guide the employers on founder contracts, employee agreements, trade documentation, and company policies. Your role will be all-pervasive, with influence on every aspect of establishing and running the business. It is an ideal workplace for passionate lawyers who want to contribute. 

Lead impactful decisions
Perhaps the most exciting thing about working as in-house counsel with a startup is that you lead impactful decisions. The dynamic growth of new businesses requires quick decision-making, and your employer will rely on your skills for it. Your advice matters to them, and they are even willing to take the risks of failing. It means you have the opportunity to learn and grow in a culture where mistakes are acceptable. The entire practice can be scary, but it makes you a bold and confident professional in the long run. 

Assurance of transformative career changes
A startup role brings the assurance of transformative career changes, making it the foundation of a successful legal career. There are plenty of in-house counsel jobs you can explore for nailing the first opportunity. Once you find the perfect one, consider it only the beginning of the road. You will learn and grow down the line, both in terms of money and skill. Beyond just providing legal advice to your employer, you steer the direction of company culture and business strategy. 

Learn the lesson of flexibility
Flexibility is one of the key reasons for professionals wanting to work with startups. Unlike an established company, your employer will expect you to provide broad advice on everything related to the law. But they wouldn’t want you to stop there or limit to subject-matter expertise. It makes you more flexible as a professional as you gain experience with everything legal-related.  You also learn to adapt your soft skills and communication styles, making them assets for a lifetime. 

Step out of your comfort zone
Legal professionals who want to achieve success need to step out of their comfort zone. It is exactly what you get to do by working in the dynamic startup culture and environment. More often than not, you have to work on issues you’re unfamiliar with and make decisions with limited information. You beat your skills and step beyond your limits to devise creative solutions. No challenge sounds too daunting for professionals who acquire this mindset. 

If you want to start your career as an in-house counsel or switch to it, a startup makes a great choice. You get the opportunity to contribute yet work in your way. Just find a perfect cultural fit, and you are good to go! 

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