Why New Lawyers Should Consider Joining A Startup Law Firm

Starting a career in the American law domain is daunting because the job landscape in the country is competitive. Being a newbie makes it even harder to navigate as you have to compete with the veterans. Moreover, landing a dream job at your location with a reputed law firm is easier said than done. Joining a startup may be an easier route to break into the industry, and it may actually be the best way in. Let us explain why you should consider working with a startup law firm right after getting your degree.

Your work makes a difference
Startup culture is always motivating for employees. The best thing is that your contribution counts. You do not feel like any other intern, which often happens when you work with a large firm. Your seniors see you as an integral member of the team and expect you to do your bit for the company's growth. The people-focused culture is great for a beginner. You can make an impact and be a part of the journey from the start.

You have more autonomy
Your first experience in the industry should be the best. It is good to work in an environment where you have more autonomy and less micro-management. A startup is ideal in this context because it still has to establish its workflows. You can work the way you want and even influence the overall system. Freedom makes you motivated and productive, while challenges drive you to give your best. 

You have more choices
The startup space is relatively less crowded, which means you can have more opportunities even as a fresher. All you need to do is look for them in the right places. If living in Philly as a lawyer, you can check the local directory and search for openings in the city. You will probably find new law firms willing to take fresh graduates in promising roles. When you have more choices, it is easier to nail a position in your area of expertise. Starting small is an opportunity to learn, so grab it when you can. 

You feel more relaxed
The last thing you will want to deal with as a new employee is workplace politics and bureaucracy. Joining a law startup saves you from both. People join with a positive mindset and focus on the growth of the company. You can prioritize learning and development as founders are keen to be mentors for fresh graduates. The hierarchy in new firms is often flat, and you end up feeling relaxed and happy. 

You get a variety of work
Startup firms are great for freshers who want to expand their horizons. New founders expect to build a large team with specialists in different practice areas. Working on diverse cases, even in assisting roles, enables you to find your calling and be more confident. It makes an excellent experience for a beginner who has a long way to go. Closer relationships with clients also make you better at people-dealing.New lawyers want to embark on a successful journey, and working with a startup is the best way to do it. Finding the right job is easy if you collaborate with the best recruiter.

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