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At Elithairtransplant Istanbul the operations are only executed by specialists. Since it’s founding in 2009, more than 8000 hair transplantation operations have been successfully realized at Elithairtransplant. Specialists and assistants that have been trained in the area of hair transplantation procedures on an international level apply techniques with proven success and serve thousands of patients each year. 

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Experienced doctors with an international reputationSince 2009 Dr. Balwi, who specialized on hair transplantation, helps patients from all over the world in their fight against alopecia. Care, expertise and a trusting relationship with her clients are most important for her and her team of specialists.

In German-speaking countries, you can reach Dr. Balwi through Elithairtransplant Istanbul. Here all patients can book useful all-inclusive-treatment-packages that cover everything from journey to professional care and the actual hair transplantation. And all this for a fair price.

In competent handsEspecially foreign patients want to be sure they are being treated by a specialist. For Dr. Balwi and his team of experts it is therefore without question to assure their clients of their professionalism and perfect services. The treatment only takes place in the İstanbul Florence Nightingale , a highly modern and prestigious clinic. The optimal result is always our goal – only then the doctor can compete on the market. By now patients from 47 countries trust the skills of Elithairtransplant.

The most comfortable way for a treatment is by booking the complete Elithairtransplant treatment package. Except for the journey all important steps are included, from the check-ups before and after to the transfer from the airport and the perfect interpreters, and obviously the treatment itself – everything within three days.
The most successful cure for alopecia is hair transplantation. The prices are especially attractive in Turkey.

Thousands of international patients trust the competent hands of Dr. Balwi and his team each year.Other countries in which Elithairtransplant operates on an international platform outside of Turkey are mainly the US, Germany, Spain, France, Benelux countries, Greece, Russia, Egypt, and Kuwait.

Good reasons for a FUE hair transplantation in the Istanbul Florence NightingaleIn our clinic we almost exclusively use FUE hair transplantation. The reasons for this are obvious: This method promises the highest level of care for the patients and impressive results after completion and recover. Although it’s also worth it for you to use these services with us. In this area of expertise we have an almost unique routine and experience that guarantees the best results for you. Our house was one of the first in Turkey and Europe in which FUE hair transplantation was applied.FUE hair transplantation really exceptionalOur clinic, the Istanbul Florence Nightingale, has been specialized in the treatment of hair transplantation for national and international patients for years. An internationally prestigious JCI quality certification proves our quality, which represents the quality assurance for patient safety and first-class medical treatment.

The quality certificate promises you that we only work according to strict guidelines of the appropriate comission and that the most modern skills and utilities are used for it.Besides the high medical standards you can also look forward to a hospital stay that has likely never been this luxurious before. The well-being of our patients, their recovery and freedom of pain are what is most important to us.Enjoy the best comfort even before and after the FUE hair transplantationCare before and after the procedure is obviously part of every FUE hair transplantation. You will get individual advice before the procedure and will learn exactly how the FUE hair transplantation will take place.

Depending on the condition of your hair we can see how laborious the procedure will be and how much time it will take. During the follow-up care after the actual procedure you will learn everything that is important and necessary for taking care of your newly transplanted hair. For example, you will receive care products and medication for your own aftercare.Outside of the hospital you will also live very comfortably and luxuriously, since we will check you into the hotel Ramada. This hotel is very close to the clinik and provides highest comfort and a first-class location.During your entire stay in Turkey we will naturally assist you constantly. This may regard your accomodation, as well as questions about the procedure and the FUE hair transplantation itself.

Our employees all speak Turkish and English. Should you only speak German we will provide an interpreter for you. In addition to that we offer a hotline in Germany that will give you information around the clock.


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