What VoIP Should you Decide On for your Business

People say that there are no more good VoIP services for small businesses. This is very far from the truth! There are some very good services out there that do not control the connection to the switch. The quality of these services is determined by the ISP service and the networks. 

Typically, this is how majority of the VoIP services operate in small home/businesses. The question becomes how do you pick the right VoIP service? If you follow these guidelines, it will help you determine which one works best for your needs.

1) Your network needs to be in good shape.
When dealing with the internet, there will be many things you have no control over. However you have control over your network, so this is a great place to start. Even if it is a simple network, problems can exist that will affect the VoIP calls. You want to make sure you only have one DCHP server/router, your switches should be in good shape, and your computer should be in good working condition.

2) Bandwith is not the only important thing.
Many times, people look right to bandwidth their internet provider provides when choosing a business VoIP. However all the bandwidth in the world is no good if the connection is not stable. While bandwidth is important, it really only needs to be enough to cover the number of phones you plan to use plus other applications.

3) Test the connection from you to your provider.
Your connection will pass through a few networks as it goes from your provider's VoIP to you. If hops and latency show low numbers, then it is a very good thing. To determine whats up, do a trace route and ping to their SIP server. This will show the amount of routers you pass and how long it takes to get to them. To really get accurate results, you will have to test this on different days during both morning and evenings.

4) Cheaper is not always better suggests IT provider Alternative Networks. When selecting your provider, note the prices of the competition. If one has a price way below everyone else, this should raise a red flag that their business might not be worth using. Choose a company that has competitive prices, but is not scraping the bottom of the barrel. Trust me, you are going to thank me later!

5) Make your choice based on features, presentation, and service. The most important part of the decision you make about which service provider to go with is who has the features that best suit your needs. When looking at features, make sure to look at the presentation of their websites. If a company has a very poor website, chances are they will give you the same kind of service. Think of it as buying a car. You look at the dealership and the presentation of the cars.

You make your choice based on which one has not only the things you want, but also who is most appealing. This is no different.

If you follow these steps, you will be on your way to picking the perfect VoIP service in your area!

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