What A World Without Lawyers Would Look Like

Not many people have a good word to say about lawyers. There are many in the world but not everyone is a fan of the professionals. A lot of people would interact with the team in order to look for a solution and try their best to avoid meeting a lawyer for the same. Lawyers are associated with a lot of ills in society and this is why they are avoided by people. There are many who also think that the world could be a better place without lawyers but is it really true? A world without lawyers would look very different and it is hard to imagine how it would function without the lawyers as well. Here is what a world without lawyers would look like.

Rules will not mean anything
If there is a world without lawyers, there will be rules which will not mean anything. It does not mean that there will be no rules but it means that the rules will be of no value. Nobody will care about the rules and the world would be about the survival of the fittest because there is nothing one can do against someone who will take over your property or commit a crime against you. There is a misconception that taking away all the lawyers will eliminate the need for them. It is absolutely wrong. There will be rules but it also means that you will have to use them in order to get justice against those who are trying to oppress you.

You will have to defend yourself
As mentioned above, there will be rules with or without the lawyers. There will also be times when you will be forced to become a lawyer for yourself by having to study the laws that have been broken and in case of an injustice done to you, there will also be a need to present the case in a court of law. You will be required to master the lawyering skills and protect yourself in case of a personal injury or a crime. This means when someone takes away your property and then threatens you, there will be no basis you can seek assistance from a third party and claim it unless you learn about the laws and find a way out. You might want to ask a friend to help but there will be differences in opinion.

Lawyers need to be present in this world
It is not possible to imagine a world without lawyers. It is only the lawyers who have made amendments and taken landmark decisions that have become a part of the constitution of America. It is the lawyers which brought women’s right to vote through court petitions. If it was a civilian pushing for a right, it might not have had the impact it has currently. It was only with the assistance of the best lawyers in the industry that strong ideas saw the light of the day and have become an important part of our society. Without lawyers, there would be inequality in the world and it will only keep growing.

Lawyers have fought battles which have made the world a better place. You are protected from bad products because of the lawyers and you get compensated from an insurance company also because of the lawyers. People could threaten you and take away your property, or they could hurt you while in your property and ask you to take responsibility for the harm that comes to them. Even if you hate lawyers or are really scared of them, you need to admit that the world is never going to be a better place without them.

There is absolutely no reason to have ill feelings against the lawyers. Indeed, there are some who work with clients for their personal gain and manipulate the constitution. But there are also those who always use their knowledge and skills to ensure that you do not end up jail for something you did not do. They will ensure that the insurance company does not reject a claim for a personal injury. Even if you have had a bad experience in the past, you should not hate the profession. There are some lawyers which are great and who will make you love their profession with passion. You only need to look at the good and focus on the type of service they provide to society and the world.

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