Top Tips to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level of Growth

Across the developed and developing world, small businesses represent the heart of the economy. For example, in America, it is estimated that 99% of the economy is comprised of smaller-scale enterprises. When these businesses are combined, they represent the major employer of most nations and the biggest contributors to the total GDP in each country.

If you are a small business owner, you may have found the last few years challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic caused extreme disruption for many smaller businesses and the current economic climate that is characterized by high levels of inflation is another cause for ongoing concern. However, even in challenging times, small businesses can identify strategies that will promote sustainable growth. This can be a vital step to ensure the longevity of your firm, but the routes to growth are not always obvious. 

In this article, some key top tips will be discussed that will help your business to enjoy meaningful and profitable growth. 

Create a video campaign 

In the digital age, one of the key forms of promotion is to create memorable adverts and short videos that capture the imagination of your target market. By posting these promotions on social media channels that your potential customers use, you can increase the chances of generating leads that can be turned into sales—thus cultivating business growth. 

Ideally, the business video production will be created by a specialist firm that has extensive experience in creating such campaigns. They will be able to work with you to ensure that the tone of the video will resonate with your target customer base and will be both memorable and well-produced. 

If your small business has a dedicated website, it is important to link the video back to the specific product page of what you are advertising. This will make it effortless for interested customers to complete a purchase with a few clicks of their smart device. 

Encourage employee social media activities

An important way to gain free publicity for your company, whilst also boosting its visibility, is to allow your staff members to post about their working lives on social media channels. This can be a key way to boost your business brand to a wider online audience. 

Staff should be encouraged to create short posts that illustrate them working on interesting projects or being involved in community work on behalf of the business. In short, this type of promotion can help your business receive wider recognition in the online marketplace and may lead to increased sales streams. 

Customers prefer to trade with businesses that have a positive image and where staff are energized by their work, and this free PR activity can be incredibly beneficial to grow your organization. 

Consider outsourcing

As your company begins to grow, it will inevitably need to take on new staff to cope with increased workloads and administrative tasks. In some cases, you may even need to create new teams or departments to manage your business activities. However, it is important to consider outsourcing as a cost-effective way to achieve growth. 

Outsourcing allows your company access to highly trained specialist staff across a wide range of functions. They work for your business when they are needed and can be ideal for project work or more short-term activities. 


A key benefit of outsourcing is that there is less need to invest in business premises to support the workers. Many outsourcing firms operate with online, remote teams, and this can make it a cost-effective strategy to promote business growth.


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