Tips On How To Sharpen Your Focus at Work

We often do things to our very best when we are keen and concentrated on what we are doing. However, we live in times when it is becoming harder and harder to do this because of the many distractions surrounding us.

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A workmate wants to tell or ask you something, you continuously get email notifications, and the Tweets and Facebook updates are also an irresistible distraction; these take a few minutes of your time and concentration, but it also takes several minutes for you to regain your focus to resume what you were doing fully.
You still and manage to face that blizzard of distractions and manage to stay focus; here are a few practical ways of achieving that:

Have A Firm Grip On Your Settings.
By turning offs the message notifications that keep popping up, your attention will not be disrupted. In as much as the messages and call may see important or urgent, they should not be the excuse to break your focus. Let your settings not manage your attention. Protect the time you give yourself or is allocated to you to work for you to do just that and see you finish your tasks.

Heed Second Thoughts
At times, we do things that we should not and something else, that is within, reminds us of what we should or should not be doing. Head that second thought that tells you "I am distracted no," and it will steer you back to your work. Telling yourself that will activate the brain causing you to focus on the relevant issues at hand.

Meditate Flex And Build Your Mind's
MuscleIf you love working out at the gym to flex and build your muscles, then you should consider doing this for your mind's muscle. Meditating daily for around an hour with the sessions including breathing techniques will help sharpen your mind, keeping it alert and receptive. Every time the mind wanders off, just return is focus on your breathing, and you will regain your focus.

Exercise Your Will Power
Set your mind to staying focus as you work and you shall will the power to overcome stress and achieve your objective. Developing a relaxation method and help you manage your stress when things get a bit overwhelming so that you still maintain a high level of concentration.

Get Enough Sleep
Our focus diminishes when we get sleepy, and this is an issue often attributed to sleep deprivation. You may think that you get enough sleep hours, but the real measure of this is when you start dozing off in the middle of the day and just cannot fight it. Taking a mid-day nap will do the trick, rebooting your brain and refreshing your cognitive functionalities. Ensure you sleep set up at home is optimal and also consider a new mattress at home like this Tulo mattress.

Eat High Protein, Low Carb Meals
Your breakfast should consist of high protein and low carb foods; the same applies to your lunchtime meals but pay more attention to that first meal of the day. Carbs will increase your energy reserves, but they offer a short solution, it is the proteins that will keep the brain going, fueling it slowly thus ensuring it gets a steady supply of energy to help you stay focused.

Take It Slow With Your Coffee
Your cup of coffee is great; it will get your mind focused. However, what you need is not a high on caffeine because your concentration will crash when the high crashes. Instead, aim for enough to park your alertness. As such, sip your hot cup of caffeine slowly the low does will keep your focus going.

Remember that staying concentrated will be the tool that keeps you focused on the job especially when looking for creative insights. However, you should fully immerse yourself in the issues with your mind focused fully on the task and then take a seat back. Relaxing will help create new connections that help you come up with new ideas. A walk, a quick shower, or even listening to some nice music can help your mind relax.

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