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Nova and Open Mind Accelerated International Academy launches the First Metaschool

What is the Metaverse?
Tech giant Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the future of the internet is here in the form of a fully immersive VR space where anything is possible. According to the newly-branded Meta CEO, the Metaverse will house entertainment, business, and online life in a completely immersive virtual world. This new frontier is exciting for experts in every field from gaming, to eCommerce, to education.

What is Nova?
Nova is an AI learning platform that creates an immersive learning environment for virtual and on screen classes. Unlike traditional virtual learning platforms, Nova introduces avatars and immersive VR spaces to add an opportunity for interaction in the virtual learning arena. With Nova, students and teachers receive AI support in the form of personalized virtual assistants that can help with time management and organization. Nova offers unique engaging virtual reality spaces where students can learn together despite the limitations of traditional virtual education.

Nova and the Metaschool of the Future
Nova's innovations in virtual education opened the door to the creation of what Nova founders are calling "Metaschool.” Metaschool takes education into the realm of virtual reality, where students can learn in engaging and immersive environments. Metaschool elevates traditional virtual schooling by eliminating the barriers of traditional online education.

With Metaschool, students can gather in the same virtual space to collaborate and create a learning environment unlike any other.Metaschool brings the first insights and experience into what the future of education can be. By providing access to virtual resources, AI assistance, and personalized education, Nova hopes to push virtual education in the right direction.

With the help of a VR headset, students will be transported into a world of their wildest dreams, where firsthand learning experiences are the norm. Nova has even created tools to eliminate hateful language and limit conflict between students to ensure a fair, safe, and positive education for all.

Early Trial at Open Mind Accelerated International Academy
The Nova Platform, the first step in the future implementation of a complete Metaschool, is set to begin trials at the Open Mind Accelerated International Academy, one of the first virtual bilingual schools.Open Mind is an innovator in education. Starting in 2017, this completely virtual school set a precedent by proving that students can learn outside of a traditional brick-and-mortar setting.

The Academy was the first to conduct classes in VR using an Oculus headset, and it will now be the first educational testing site for Nova's AI avatar-based platform.The experts behind Nova are excited to see their platform provide students with a truly global learning experience.

The partnership between Nova and Open Mind looks to create a fully-immersive virtual education experience that builds the foundation for future education. Students at Open Mind Accelerated International Academy will be the first to explore a virtual learning platform that looks to improve the future of education and solve the problems that come with a traditional brick-and-mortar school building.

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