The Benefits of Moleskine Notebooks for Work

In this article I would like to share some reasons on why you should try one.  So what makes one notebook stand out from the rest? You can after all simply stop by your local book store or office supply store and find all kinds of brands.  

It is the design and quality of Moleskine notebooks that makes them truly stand out. 

They really are simple. A small notebook that is bound and has an elastic closure and, tied into the spine, a ribbon bookmark. There are various page types that they are available in: grid, blank, ruled, and more. There are also various sizes, from X-Large to pocket size. By personal favorite is the 5.4' by 8.4´size. 

The first time you crack one open, you will understand why they have become so popular. They simply feel right. 
Oftentimes I say, "Pick the tools that you will use." If you enjoy the tools and they are suited to the task, it is more likely that you will continue to use them regularly. 
Here are a few of my reasons and uses of the Moleskine notebook:

1. Durability
Moleskines offer extreme durability. Once I drove off with one on my car´s roof, it actually survived. If you want to buy field notes UK then you can do so easily.

2. Everything is Kept Together
Even for work, I prefer a single journal as opposed to more than one notebook. It is my opinion that the benefits of having all my notes in the same place outweigh having to use two or three notebooks. The key is simplicity, 

3. Variety
There is a Moleskine that will fit everyone´s purposes and needs. From pocket-sized to really big. Form softcover to hard-bound. There is a Moleskine to suit you. Over the years, I have tried various types. 

4. Notes
The Moleskine notebook is ideal for taking notes. It is the ideal size. Due to the thick paper, it does not tend to bleed through. It is also very inconspicuous making it is ideal for a meeting environment. In a group setting, taking notes on a computer or PDA still stands out. 

5. Brainstorming
Other than note taking, I also enjoy making a complete two-page spread in the Moleskine notebook when brainstorming a new project. It offers just the perfect amount of room to draw, writs, and lay out the miscellaneous ideas associated with the project. 

6. Journaling
Journaling is another one of the reasons that people love Moleskines. This is something I do at times, however my journaling is generally done at home on my computer. 

7. Loose Paper is Eliminated
The temptation of writing things down in multiple places is something that I resist. Whether it is a quick note or a voicemail message, it all goes into my Moleskine notebook. Gone are the days of having to search for scraps of paper or Post-Its. That number two weeks ago from that VM, what was it? No longer a problem, simply flip through my Moleskine and it is there. There is also a small pocket on each Moleskine located in the back cover, this is ideal for capturing receipts or business cards until they are processed.

One Place for Everything to be Captured
A great tool for "Capturing Everything in One Place" is a Moleskine notebook. Messages, notes, miscellaneous information, everything!
When it comes to capture notebooks, the Moleskine is definitely second to none. For note taking, it even outshines my iPad and is much better suited for the task. The design and durability that the Moleskine offers is something else that I enjoy, this is why it is always at my side.

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