Startups- What Things Should You Consider During Your First Media Exposure?

After months of brainstorming and fine-tuning, your business idea is finally ready to hit the market. It’s time to popularize your startup- business with a launch party that’s worthy of creation. And, why not? Your startup launch party is a perfect opportunity for introducing your rigorous ideas and a well-formed startup to investors, influencers, media, and customers.

Successful brand launches generate serious hype around the newest products for boosting initial sales and building your brand reputation. 

Now that you’re convinced of the importance of a business party for your startup, having a strategy can go a long way in wowing your stakeholders. But, you wonder how to do it? Well, read through this checklist to make your event a success and talk of the town:

Choose a Theme for Launch Party:
The very step that helps in building a launch plan is to choose the event theme. The theme of the party ties everything together- from the entertainment to the décor. The theme must be the one that creates a cohesive message and lays a profound impact on the guests. 
Some tips that go a long way in selecting the suitable theme for your startup launch event are:

  1. Consider the Event Goal, whether to dazzle your guests with an immersive experience or create space for discussion or education. Select the primary goal and spread the message that your guests will take away.
  2. Keep your Audience in Mind as to who your event guests will be? Whether it will be distinguished investors, customers, or industry influencers. Know that the theme should resonate with your audience.
  3. Have an Inspirational Theme to leave your guests wanting more. By doing so, your guests would like to engage with your brand for a longer time and will be excited to try your products. 

Always try to keep the launch theme cohesive, inspirational, and relevant. It is because it will leave a long-lasting impression on the guests.

Choose a Venue:
Once you’re aware of the suitable event theme, it’s time to find a venue for yourself. Always pick such a venue for your startup launch that stuns your guests in the long run.
Now that you want to make your product launch a success, ensure that it matches your brand and theme. Sit and decide if you wish your event venue style to be modern, creative, outdoor, historical, or luxury. After all, the overall feel of your startup event elevates with the right venue. 

Now that you’ve decided on the style, ensure keeping it simple, exciting, yet very unique. Choose a location that allows you to highlight the business through creative displays, décor, and lighting. You can also add temporary wall graphics, install large displays, and set up eye-catching features to keep your product at the centre of attraction. 

Also, make sure that the location you choose is accessible to your guests. It should have onsite parking and access to public transportation. Ask if the venue provides event security or not. It’s great if they do, but if they don’t, then reaching out to a private security company seems like the most convenient option. It is because you’re planning a significant event that has high-esteemed guests like entrepreneurs, successful business tycoons, investors, media personnel, and others. 

Therefore, if you don’t want them to become susceptible to security hazards, having security guards is the best thing you can do. Make sure your event has access control, security checks and emergency response. In the end, it’s all about instilling peace without a security alarm. 

Keep the guest capacity in mind because the venue you choose must be spacious enough to accommodate all the guests pretty comfortably. You can also hire a venue scout to prevent the hassle of finding a platform for the business launch. 

Create Hype Around your Business and Event:
Your event will be a big success when you build buzz around your business- its products and the services you offer. When you create hype online, your potential customers will have excitement to test out the upcoming product or use a new service. 

You can create a conversation around the product by highlighting the cutting-edge features or keeping everything under wraps. Have a well-designed marketing strategy if you choose to reveal your product in advance. After all, your strategy must be capable of explaining the product/ service, how it works, and the features to make it unique. 

If you wish to keep your product a secret, consider dropping slight hints on social media to keep your audience engaged. By doing so, you’ll be able to save your customers on the edge of their seats. For this, you can create a hashtag, have engaging videos, and create a launch countdown.

By creating hype for the business launch, you’ll be able to keep the energy rolling for the launch event and even after it. 

Lay Emphasis on Production:
Now that your wait is finally over, and the day of your years of hard work is here- the launch party. It’s time to make sure that the event details are kept under due consideration with event production. 

With production, you’ll be able to bring all the small and large elements and create a memorable and impactful launch party. After all, you wish to live up to the hype and create success for your business venture. 

Event production considers a wide range of elements. These can be anything from decorations to the ultimate activities. Some features that swear to make your event shine are:
  1. Lighting: It sets the mood for the launch and supports the event theme. It also helps draw attention to business displays and brand space and directs the guests around the venue. 
  2. Décor: This element is one of the most essential for a memorable business launch. It helps in creating a cohesive theme and expresses brand details in the best manner. 
  3. Music: Once you have perfected the visual elements of the event décor, it’s worthwhile to draw attention to the sound. Think about the background music, hire a live band, or have a DJ. Know that upbeat music helps in keeping your guests energized and excited all through the event. 
  4. Entertainment: This production factor helps in providing a fun experience to your guests. Suppose your business product/ service is severe and caters to the public problem. In that case, you can host workshops, lectures, and demonstrations on topics surrounding your product. However, if the product is playful, you may consider games, fun competitions, or comedy part of event entertainment. 
  5. Photo Opportunities: If you’re eager for a genuinely long-lasting impact, photos are a great way of doing so. It’ll help you keep the event fresh in your guests’ minds. Thereby, inspire your guests to capture photos by crafting photo walls, window displays, art installations, and Instagram-able decorations. After all, guests that take photos can never wait to share these online. And, you, on the other hand, will love the free advertising for your brand. 

These production factors work amazingly well in making your event an absolute success. All you’ve to do is pay a little attention to each feature and sit back to enjoy a grand launch party at a later time. 
That’s a Wrap- Hire an Event Management Company

Are you, as a business owner, too busy setting up the business?
If yes, you indeed have a little time to drive attention to the minute details of the launch party. Hiring event management experts is the best thing you can do in situations like these as they have experience with such parties. 

Also, they’ll take care of your new business launch party’s location, guests, security, and production needs with utmost care. And, you, too, will not have to worry about the ongoing requirements now and then. 
After all, it’s about your tranquillity and business launch party success in the end.

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