Setting Up Your Business in Singapore – A Few Pointers

Singapore has always held itself as a business destination, an unwavering bastion of commerce even through the most perilous of recessions. Your dreams and aspirations can be achieved by having an office in this dynamic city-state. From top-class infrastructure to a diversely talented workforce, there is a lot of potential just waiting for you to make the right decision....

Setting Up Your Business in Singapore – A Few Pointers
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Singapore – Owner of the Best Business Rankings
If you need some convincing as to why Singapore is unbeatable for business, here are some very eye-opening and defining stats. The country is ranked highest as a place to develop investor potential and based on the EDBI index (Ease of Doing Business) it has been ranked number one for five consecutive years. Singapore also boasts the most transparent business governance in the world. There is minimal bureaucracy, a major obstacle in other parts of the world. When it comes to protecting intellectual property rights of foreign nationals, Singapore is ranked number 2 in the world. Singapore also has some of the best tax structures for businesses in the world.

Connectivity and Infrastructure
Singapore’s geographic location is perfect for today’s global business scenario. It is wedged in the ASEAN zone, home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. The major cities of India, another powerful economy, are just a short flight away. Shanghai is a 5-hour flight away and China and Singapore share the same time zone. Singapore’s airport has been voted the best in the world for many years and is one of the busiest.

Within the city, the public transport is another celebrated aspect. You can enjoy office space in any part of Singapore without a worry about transportation. The culturally rich country is a melting pot of different communities and offers premium lifestyle options for its residents.

Understand the Necessary Procedures

Registering a company in Singapore follows a streamlined process. Depending on whether you are a foreign entrepreneur, representing a foreign company, or you are a local resident, there are several criteria to cover before you start your company. Office setups, local hiring and employment passes are just some of the many prerequisites. The best way to navigate this phase of incorporation is by reaching out to an expert incorporation consultancy or firm.

Find the Right Company Incorporation Firm
When looking for a facilitating agency to set up your Singapore-based business, make sure you make your choice based on certain services and indicators. Choose consultancies or firms that will work closely with you and give you the maximum time to share your concerns and queries.

A good company incorporation firm will also have a lot of expertise with the local economic landscapes. Consultants should be able to give you granular and high-level feedback on the nuances of working and living in Singapore. These firms also help you negotiate the paperwork and obtain the work visas and resident permits. From the planning stage of your new project to business development, consultants can provide valuable help in meeting international standards.

With, you can get started on this very important business decision.


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