Seedy: A Solution for Home Cannabis Cultivators

Times are changing. Cannabis is becoming more mainstream with each passing year....

Seedy: A Solution for Home Cannabis Cultivators

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More than a dozen states allow recreational cannabis use. Also, many locations let medical and recreational cannabis users grow their own plants. Industry experts expect U.S. sales to surpass 15 billion in 2020 and grow to $37 billion by 2024. 

1. The Problem
The expanding popularity of cannabis is fueling growth across other areas of the industry. Home cultivation and small businesses are jumping on board. The problem isn't the expansion; it's meeting the demand for cannabis growing supplies and equipment. Another area that's lacking are locations to purchase cannabis seeds. Most home cultivators and farms are purchasing their seeds from online international seed banks. The problem is that it can take several days to a few weeks to receive products. Most new growers are beginning with outside operations, making timing essential. For 2020, many potential home cultivators weren't able to start because they didn't order seeds in time or receive their shipment early enough to get seedlings sprouted. Often, cannabis growing supplies can be purchased through farm stores and modified to meet your needs. However, cannabis seeds are a necessity that can't be altered.

2. The Future of Home Cannabis Cultivation
One of the biggest booms in cannabis is the rise of home cultivators. Over the past several years, the legalities of marijuana made securing equipment and seeds difficult. Even now as more states allow adults to grow, sell, and use cannabis, local stores are hard to find. The lack of uniform laws across all areas is going to continue to cause problems with brick-and-mortar cannabis growing equipment tough to locate. In addition, the overall situation with finding the right cannabis growing supplies could slow down the industries growth during a time when the economy needs it more than ever.

3. Seedy's Solution
The Seedy App is bringing everyone together to get things done. It's great to have access to physical locations, but in the digital age, it's not necessary. The Seedy App is connecting small businesses, brands, re-sellers, and individual cultivators. With so many locations in the U.S. and around the world legalizing cannabis, consumers are salivating to jump on board. People want to grow their own flowers, try new strains that they'd only read about online, and get the satisfaction of cultivating cannabis. Home beer and wine breweries allow users to purchase all their supplies at local storefronts. Online, they have dozens of reputable equipment retailers. The Seedy App is offering cannabis users a digital marketplace that provides them with the same options home brewers have but in one easy-to-use app. 

4. How Seedy Works
Seedy is designed to make it easier for people at all levels, from backyard cultivators to commercial farms grow high-quality bud. By connecting a wide range of businesses, the digital bazaar for cannabis growing equipment and supplies can help make marijuana cultivation a reality for people from all walks of life. Businesses can sell equipment to other companies looking to upgrade their equipment. Seedy is also excellent for startups looking to save on operating costs with used equipment.The app's ideal for B2B sales, but it's also about helping individuals succeed. Consumers can purchase small indoor cannabis growing supplies to reduce the costs of purchasing retail products. Additionally, securing cannabis seeds for lower prices without international shipping rates is a win for local sellers and buyers.

5. The Foundation of Seedy
Seedy's founder, Thomas Lopez, isn't new to entrepreneurship. He's also the founder of two other successful startups, Slope Records and VEX Microphone Stands. Mr. Lopez realized the dire need for a marketplace that connects cannabis growers and helps them locate the cannabis growing equipment and seeds necessary to succeed. Regarding his latest venture, Lopez explains, "My vision with Seedy is to revolutionize the way growers and farmers can buy and sell cannabis growing supplies and hopefully one-day cannabis itself too."The goal from the beginning was to help solve marijuana growers and farmers at all experience levels get the tools they need. Such as the,

  • Newbie looking for a fun and rewarding "green" hobby 
  • Intermediate growers that want to expand on their experience with different plant training techniques to boost yield
  • Novice cannabis cultivator that only uses clones and grow several plant varieties at once
Seedy offers something for everyone.

6. What Seedy Needs
The Seedy App is a beacon in an industry that's exploding. We need investors to help Seedy grow and transform the market for cannabis growing supplies and equipment into one that's beneficial for all businesses and consumers. Contact Seedy Here!

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