New Office Decor Advice- How To Keep Your Furniture Pest-Safe

If you are a business owner, you will probably not think twice while investing in the latest furniture. It is all the more important for startups looking forward to decorating the new office space because it can create a great first impression on your clients. But buying expensive furniture means that you have the extra responsibility of keeping it in good shape. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential, but you also have to make sure that these expensive pieces are pest-safe. Unfortunately, even the best-quality furniture is vulnerable to pests like termites and bed bugs. However, you can do a few things to avoid these pests and the damage they cause. Here are some helpful pieces of advice that Australian entrepreneurs share from their personal experiences. 

Be vigilant about warning signs
It is easy to miss out on warning signs of an impending infestation in your furniture pieces when you have a lot of other things to look after. But a little attention can save you a fortune, which matters a lot to startups. Pests like furniture beetles and woodworms often make tiny holes and tunnels in wooden pieces. They work on the underside of sofas and tables, which makes it hard to detect them. Inspect your furniture regularly so that you can identify borers at the earliest and take timely measures to eliminate them. Powdered wood, insect wings, stains, and droppings are some other signs you should be watchful about. Inspect nooks and crevasses and address the issue as soon as you see signs of infestation or damage.

Take quick action
You may want to ignore early warning signs, but it is the last thing you should do. Delay with pest control measures often puts your furniture at risk because these tiny enemies can destroy things before you expect. Sydney business owners recommend calling experts for Sydney pest control at the earliest signs of infestation. These professionals know all about detecting furniture bugs and eliminating them without damaging your costly pieces. You may have to spend a bit on professional services, but will end up saving a lot. It is a worthy expense because it lets you prolong the life of your decor. Regular pest control is a good move, even if there aren’t any visible signs of insects and rodents.

Invest in wood treatment
While pest control is an aggressive measure to keep your furniture safe, you must take adequate preventive steps too. It is best done by investing in wood treatment with chemicals. It isn’t much work as you have to apply a borer fluid mixed with turpentine on the furniture. Don’t miss the corners and crevasses because these are the places where bugs hide. The treatment kills the bugs and prevents them from multiplying. Regular wood treatment can keep the expensive pieces pest-free for months. The best part is that it does not cost a lot. You can do it yourself or have a professional for the job. 

Exposing the furniture to sunlight and fresh air is another good measure to prevent bug attacks and infestations. Also, never get complacent about expensive and high-quality pieces because these are as susceptible as ordinary ones. Just a little care and caution can save it from pests and keep them as good as new.  


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