Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and employee engagement

Business and psychology has a deep connection. The management and organizations skills are directly linked with the human psychological needs. Maslow talked about these needs in detail....

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and employee engagement

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Business and psychology has a deep connection. The management and organizations skills are directly linked with the human psychological needs. Maslow talked about these needs in detail.

Maslow was a psychologist who proposed a hierarchy of needs. According to him human beings function in a hierarchical system which is divided into sub levels. Each level has its own characteristics and qualities. To reach the higher levels one must master the skills of the lower levels. Employees are the assets of an organization and success of an organization is highly dependent upon them. The engagement level of employees effects the output of the organization. Higher engagement will result into more output and productivity.  Let’s have a look at the sub levels of the hierarchy of needs to get a clearer picture of the organizational behavior.

Survival is the first level in the hierarchy. At this level the person is only concerned about his physiological needs like food, shelter and money. The employees of this level will be least bothered about the organization’s issues. He will be worried about money and profit will be very easy for him to quit the job as he will be having zero ownership for the organization. He can also act as a de motivator for others.

At this level the person is concerned about safety and security only. The employee would be worried about his own health and work hours. He may develop clashes with the managers as well. Employees of this category are more likely to work over time. They are not happy with the job and are always complaining.

At this level the person has developed a sense of belongingness and ownership. The employee would consider himself a part of something big. He will engage himself in tasks but sometimes it will become difficult for him to concentrate on the work. Sometimes he would think about quitting the jobs too.

People of this category feel important and satisfied. They will be high achievers and will act as a motivator for others. They will also consider them a vital part of the company. They will always be busy and stressed.

This is the highest category in the hierarchy. Only a few people achieve this level. Employees of this category engage with others the most. They work for themselves and try to help others as well. They love their job and inspire others.

In short, the people belonging to first two levels demotivate others and exhibit a selfish behavior whereas the people of higher 3 levels have a sense of engagement and ownership. For a smooth working of an organization, they employees of last three categories are ideal as they are productive and active.

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