Marketing Tips For Your Podcast Via Soundcloud

Want to market your business on SoundCloud - these tips will help you do just that.

1. Get In Front Of An Audience
The premise of Soundcloud is to make it as easy as possible for musicians to share their music with a large audience. The best part is that everything can be done through a single platform. From sharing your tracks on social media and collaborating with artist across the globe, everything can be done through Soundcloud. And it doesn't get any easier for fans to share your tracks on social media, thanks to the embedded buttons on the player.

If more fan interaction is what you are looking for, there is an extensive list of methods you can try out. For example:
- Invite fans to give feedback on tracks and mixes- Get fans to create a playlist out of your music- Share a work in progress and motivate fans to suggest names

Ultimately, you are only as limited as your imagination.

2. Sharing PR Content With Influential People
If you want to build an online presence, you need to share material with certain people. These can be music bloggers with popular reputations, journalists, podcasters, it doesn't matter. With Soundcloud promotion and marketing, you get to choose what they can stream and what they can download.

3. Extend Your Private Sharing Options
You can really make the private sharing option work for you, especially if you are not ready for a large audience to listen to a track yet or if you are collaborating with other artists. So, just like sending exclusive content to the influential individuals, use the private sharing option to get opinions from close fans.   
4. Gain Traction With Free Tracks
In order to give your music a boost, why not set some of your best music as free downloads. This can help to spread the word and even take your music to viral status.

5. Interact With The Fans
One of the best features Soundcloud has involves the player and fans being able to leave comments at specific areas. If they like a riff in the middle of the song, they can leave a comment in that spot to show which riff they mean. This is also a good way to get some constructive critique.

And when you do find some comments, do the right thing and reply. It definitely helps to recognize fans and their opinions.

6. Get Social With Other Groups
You'll find several location-based groups on Soundcloud. All you have to do is find those that fit with your style of music, join the party, and upload your tracks. Who knows what can happen with this online community in the future?

7. Host A Contest
Soundcloud has some great tips on how to host a remix competition. This is when fans get to take your tracks and come up with something of their own.

8. Share The Love
If you want people to follow you, you have to extend the same courtesy. You see, you don't just have to be a musician. You can be a listener as well, seeing as everyone on Soundcloud has a personal agenda of some kind. And even though you are not obligated to follow people who choose to follow you, they are very likely to share whatever you put out.

9. Test The Limits
It doesn't matter if you are logged into a premium Soundcloud account, which allows all kinds of cool displays and player widgets, or you are getting your own custom player off the ground, the options are yours. Take the time and explore all the features Soundcloud has to offer.

10. Utilize Buy Links
Lastly, Soundcloud gives you the opportunity to add links to your tracks. In other words, while people are listening, a link will show up and take them to where you are selling your merchandise. And the easier you make it for the fans, the easier it will be to make some money from your passion.

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