Jumping Aboard the Q-Commerce Boom

A recent study by Getir found that one in four consumers use instant delivery apps instead of doing a weekly grocery shop. Speed is often the forgotten metric of the value triangle, but suddenly in the 2020s, it is coming into sharper focus than ever.


Jumping Aboard the Q-Commerce Boom

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Large retailers like Amazon started the quick commerce or Q-commerce boom with its Prime delivery service, but others like Zapp and Grocemania have launched since 2020. They proved you don’t need to be a giant to take your ecommerce business to the next level and follow a q-commerce model. In fact, startups are in a better position to do so from the outset than established businesses.


Is Q-Commerce Sustainable?

This is a question that many have pondered, and as the space becomes more crowded, price wars suggest long term profitability could be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Remember, that value triangle allows you to focus on two out of speed, quality and price. That gives a clue to the way forward. Here are some top tips for making the Q-commerce philosophy work for your startup.


Automation is key

Apps and third-party extensions can dramatically simplify every step from inventory management through order creation, gathering shipping documents to order fulfilment. These steps must all be linked for optimum transparency and efficiency. Probablly the easiest way to achieve this is through a dropshipping platform integrated into your website.


The customer only sees the last mile

We said earlier that it’s better to focus on quality than price. When it comes to speedy delivery, the quality needs to focus on the last mile, where the customer can see it. That means a courteous and helpful driver appearing right on time. Even more important is easy and accurate tracking so customers don’t have to wait around for hours. Get all these things right and communicate properly, and customers will be more flexible and forgiving, even if things take a little longer.


Cut down the options

Nobody benefits from a choice of four different shipping options. The fewer there are, the better prepared your business is to press the button and get the process moving. Be brave, few people ever backed out of a purchase at the moment because there weren’t enough shipping choices.


Q-commerce is an exciting development on the e-commerce model. Startups are ideally positioned to leverage its benefits by focusing on automation, customer service and simplicity.

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