Italy As A Startup Destination- How Investor Visa Makes It More Alluring

Italy has emerged as one of the best startup destinations in the EU. It has a tradition for innovation and embraces new ideas and foreign entrepreneurs with aplomb. The country is a manufacturing hub, while its strategic location makes it a gateway to EU countries. The pro-investment culture and liberal tax stance is another reason for entrepreneurs making a beeline for the country.

Apart from these key advantages, the investor visa makes the idea of starting up here even more alluring. If you are considering the option, here is a detailed guide by Bersani Law Firm to explain the details about the investment option. Here are the reasons that make it a great choice for upcoming entrepreneurs. 

Attractive investment options
When you have money to start a business in another country, you will probably look for one that has attractive investment options. The Italian Golden Visa program wins on this front as it has myriad opportunities to invest depending on your capacity and interest. Here are the ones you can explore:

  • Innovative Italian startups- A minimum of €250,000 
  • A company set up and running in Italy- A minimum of €500,000 
  • A public interest project in the field of culture, education, immigration, etc- A minimum of €1 million
  • Italian government bonds- A minimum of €2 million 
You can consider these options and invest in a legitimate one according to the amount you plan to invest. It is best to seek guidance from an expert to do everything right. 

Easy and fast processing
Another good thing about the Italian investor visa is that the process is relatively easy and fast. You only have to follow a three-step process- obtaining a nulla osta, applying for the visa, and getting a residence permit after you enter the country. The nulla osta is issued within 30 days of application if your paperwork is in place. You can apply for the visa right after getting the certificate and fly to Italy for your residence permit. You need not even invest the money before completing the process, ensuring security and peace of mind. 

Citizenship opportunities 
Italy is a great country to run a business, and you will probably want to stay here for the long haul. The investor visa opens the opportunity for citizenship by naturalization, making immigration easy for you and your family. If you retain your investment for ten years, you can get subsequent renewals for your residence status. Once you reach the ten-year deadline, you can apply for citizenship right away. You only need to understand the visa norms and processes to become a citizen without much work. Thankfully, an Italian citizenship expert can get you in with their knowledge and experience.The Italian investor visa is your golden ticket to one of the best countries to live and work in. You can stay here as a resident, and eventually secure citizenship with a head start that comes with an investor visa. Consult a specialist and embark on this journey right away.

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