iCloud as a Repository of Your Digital Data- How to Set it up?

Since everything we do revolves around digital devices, the need for storing or backing data becomes very important. And those who are immersed in the Apple ecosystem already know that an iCloud allows you to do that at no extra cost....

iCloud as a Repository of Your Digital Data- How to Set it up?

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However, despite all the benefits, setting it up can be quite a pain initially. So, to help you make most of the storage available, here's how you can set it up quickly. 

iCloud Account- How to Set it Up? 
As a matter of fact, iCloud is completely free and simple to use if you are using an Apple ID. To those who are still new to the Apple ecosystem, you automatically get 5GB of remote storage with a free account. You can use it as one of the photo backup options or as a place for backing up mail, app data, documents, or other folders. 

But how to set up iCloud on MacOs?
The following is the step-by-step guide to set up your iCloud account on your Mac device.  

  1. Check if your Mac uses the latest versions since it's always a good idea before setting up a new application. If you haven't done so already, click on the "Apple icon" present in the upper left corner of the desktop and select "About this Mac." Then look for the tab "Software Update." You can either click for a particular software or install all available updates.

  2. Move to the next step. Here in this, we will "enable iCloud." For that, you can click the Apple icon again and select "Select System Preferences" in the drop-down menu. Here you will find the iCloud option. Now enter your Apple ID and passwords and sign in.

  3. Once you are through with that, select the type of services you want to use. For example, you can sync the applications that you want. This might vary from application to application. You can further fine-tune the process by clicking "Options." 
Now you are all set to use the storage for your applications. You can further customize or optimize the storage to free up hard drive space on your Mac. You can browse the internet for any information related to this.  

Wait! There's more.  If you are pursuing a career path that requires storage than what's freely available, you can also go for more storage by paying additional subscription fees. For that, click the "manage" button in the bottom right corner of the iCloud interface, and tap on the "BUY MORE STORAGE" button in the top right corner of the screen. 

Wrapping up
Remember, if you are not backing up your files, you might lose important data permanently in case of system failure. And backups don't have to be confusing. And with so many options available, such as google drive, iCloud, external storage, and so on, you must choose the right storage option that fits your needs.  For instance, you can choose Time Machine, Google Photos, to backup your photos. In the same way, you can look for other storage options. The idea is to save your files without worrying about losing important files. So, choose wisely!

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