How To Protect Yourself From Criminal Charges: 5 Expert Advice

It can be pretty hard to defend yourself from criminal charges. To protect yourself, you must know and understand the crime you have been charged with and then make plans to protect yourself. 

In most cases, you might not need to defend yourself against every allegation. Though there are several types of criminal charges, they have some common defenses that apply to all. 

Let's find out some expert tips you can use to protect yourself.

Employ The Services of A Criminal Defense Attorney
If you have been arrested for a criminal charge, your first step of protecting yourself will be to hire a criminal defense attorney who is well versed in handling criminal cases. Next, book a consultation session so you both can meet and discuss your cases in their entirety. 

While the consultation session is undergoing, try to understand their expertise, communication process, and personality. 
Ensure you find out about their experience with similar cases like yours. Ask them how they can help you get the best result possible. This will give you an idea of how they can help you.

Choose How You Want To Proceed

After hiring a lawyer, you should decide how to respond to the charges against you. Typically, there are three ways you can react.

Pleading not guilty

You have the option of pleading not guilty. This does not mean you are denying committing the charge. Instead, you are telling the prosecutor to prove the case against you. According to the law, you are presumed innocent till the prosecutor proves beyond reasonable doubt that you are guilty. When you choose to plead not guilty, the court sets a date for your trial.

Pleading guilty
Pleading guilty is equivalent to accepting responsibility for the charge leveled against you. You will be taken to the judge for sentencing when you plead guilty. 

Asking for more time 
In this option, you are choosing to ask for more time to be granted so you can make decisions about pleading. Here, you will be given an adjournment by the court. Additionally, the court will schedule a date when you can appear in court and decide how you want to plead your case. 

Start An Investigation
After being accused of a criminal charge, you should try to find out the details of the matter with your lawyer. Irrespective of the crime leveled against you. The state empowers you to use every resource available to protect or defend yourself. 
When accused of a crime, an investigation must take place at a certain point in the case. However, it would be best if you also took the time to open up an inquiry by yourself. Doing this presents a way for you to defend yourself. You can use third-party companies like pirate firms to help you in the process. 
Additionally, you can also enlist the help of the police. If you are innocent or have done nothing wrong, you can cooperate with the police investigator to ensure your case is sorted out while following your lawyer's instructions. 

Don't Speak With The Police Alone

In protecting yourself from criminal charges, you should always take note not to speak with police when alone. Whatever you can be used against you in the court. Since it is the job of a police officer to interrogate calmly, you might think it is best to speak with them. 

Police officers are trained to ask questions, so you might fall into the pool in a bid to explain what happened while thinking that you are defending yourself against the allegation. However, you shouldn't do this if your lawyer is not present with you. Instead, you can plead the fifth amendment

When you speak with a police officer, you might be admitting to something the court might use to convict you. Or sometimes, the police might misinterpret your statements as a confession which can also be used in court. 
So the bottom line is to remain silent while declaring your constitutional right to remain silent. You can ask them politely to wait till your lawyer gets there.

Gather Evidence and Other Documents
If you have any physical evidence or other documents that can prove your innocence, you might have to gather them as soon as possible and give them to your lawyer. 

You should also collect documentation like GPS data, receipts, emails, correspondence, and other information that can protect you from criminal charges.

That's A Wrap 
There are many sides to defending and protecting yourself against a criminal charge. A single individual cannot understand the complex nature of every defense and charge in a criminal case if you do not have an excellent criminal defense attorney. 
Therefore, when you are being charged or investigated for a crime, your best bet is to ensure you speak with excellent criminal defense as soon as possible.

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