How To Make Team Meetings More Engaging In 4 Easy Steps

Whether you often hold meetings online or in person, it can be a struggle to make them as engaging and fun as you would want to. This is a challenge faced by many business managers every day, as they try to encourage participation and collaboration.

However, as long as you take some time to understand your team and their preferences, you will ensure that everyone has a good time when they come for a weekly or monthly team meeting. If you manage a big team, it can be difficult to make meetings inclusive for different personality types. Therefore, today we have decided to share a few easy steps that you can follow to make team meetings more engaging and exciting for employees across different departments.

Open With An Icebreaker 

Although you may want to skip icebreakers, they can actually be an effective way to make team members feel a bit more comfortable and likely to interact with everyone else. While you might not want to ask your employees to share fun facts about themselves, you can encourage them to talk about the latest industry trends. You can also talk about current affairs or anything that they might be interested in discussing. Alternatively, it might be a good idea to come up with a fun trivia game.

Incorporate Polls And Quizzes

You can also incorporate live polling and quizzes to ensure instant engagement and feedback on your meetings. It might be beneficial to use a real-time engagement platform like Vevox, which is designed to help you break the ice quickly by running effective live Q&A sessions. This tool allows you to take advantage of crowdsourced word clouds, as well as fun live quizzes. With Vevox, you can create anonymous Q&A sessions and quizzes, which ensures that everyone on your team will have an equal voice.

Give Each Team Member A Specific Role

Sometimes you may find that poor engagement might come from the fact that team members feel that they have nothing to contribute. Therefore, it can be helpful to assign each employee a different role, as this way they will all feel responsible in one way or another. For instance, one team member could be tasked with keeping the meeting on schedule, while another one might be focused on sharing important data. It can also be a good idea to switch employees’ roles every other week to keep things fresh and interesting.

Create A Safe Environment

Lastly, it’s important to make sure that everyone on your team feels safe and confident to express their views and participate in meetings. If you often find that your employees feel hesitant to speak up, consider looking at ways to boost their confidence and create a safe environment. Ask them what you can do to make business meetings more pleasant and engaging for them. In some cases, there may be one or two people who seem to dominate the rest of the team, which can make it difficult for everyone to participate equally. Therefore, you may want to set time limits to ensure that everyone will have the chance to speak.

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