How To Hire Best Talent For Your Startup

Launching your startup is an exciting yet extremely challenging task. You are supposed to chin-up to take on to established players on the market. Although startups lack the experience and brand-value but despite these odds, some startups continue to excel in the competitive market. It all depends on how good your team is!

Hiring new talent is a painful task and bad team is one of the most common reasons for the failure of startups. Hiring quality talent becomes even more challenging when you are a new company and nobody has heard about your startup. In this article we list some of the proven practices that might help you getting the best talent for your startup. Let’s get started:

1. Follow a Unique Work Culture
Work culture has probably changed most significantly in the last century due to unique policies of startups. Flexible office hours, work outings, stock options are some of the perks which have taken the work culture by storm. They have been such a success that even big conglomerates have started following these practices. However, you must find some key attributes that make your startup different from other companies. For example, offering to work on cool technologies and challenging problems highlights an opportunity for your prospects.

2. Hire For The Right Reasons
You might come across a high profile candidate and get excited about having him/her on board. However, it is important to have a well-defined role in your organization for every person you hire. During the initial days of your business, every hiring is a partnership instead of relationship. So in order for any good candidate to perform well in your organization, he must be a good fit in your team. It is also important to know their expectations and preferences from your startup.

3. Advertise Effectively
It is quite critical to have a well laid hiring plan and advertise accordingly. You must find out the best platform to look out for talent. During the initial stage of your business it is often advisable to target a small group of prospects so that you get quality talent in a time effective manner. With the advent of social media platforms, advertising in focused work communities is easy as well as effective.

4. Find The Right Partner For Hiring
Entrepreneurs are often wary of associating with hiring agencies. However, these agencies have experience and talent pools which might come handy to get the right mix for your team. You might have to shell out some extra money but it might be a time saving approach. There are dedicated websites and tools available that can help you systematically laying out the entire hiring process. For example, has customized tools to boost your branding and streamlined hiring process for effective talent traceability and management.

5. Retaining Talent is Equally Important
So you have hired a quality team and your business is booming, but all this effort would be meaningless if you cannot retain the talent. Retaining talent is often an over-looked part of talent management of most of the startups. A well-thought retention plan must be prepared and explained to the candidates during interviews. This transparency helps in avoiding disappointments and frustrations at the later stage for the employee as well as the employer. It is important that the talent you hire sees both initial opportunity and subsequent growth. 

Final Words:
The first 10 (or hundred) people in your team define how your business performs. There are many other suggestions to help you hire quality talent for your team. We have tried to include the best tips to help you getting the best talent for your startup in this short article. We hope that these tips come handy when you look out for the right people for your organization.

Good luck with your startup and your hiring process!

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