How to Boost Employee Productivity by Improving Workplace Design


Modern workplace design has seen some significant changes. When you glimpse over 20 years back, some trends have died; open floorplans replaced cubicle farms. Eventually, foosball tables and ping pong became a huge deal, but the primary purpose for these changes, which remains to date, is the impact of the workplace on employees.

An improved workspace design will influence the employees' atmosphere, boosting productivity and eliminating stress. Most employees prefer to work in spaces that are calm and comfortable. According to Fellowes Workplace Wellness Trend Report, over 87% of workers want spaces with healthier benefits such as sit-stands, wellness rooms, healthy lunches, fitness benefits, and ergonomic sitting. Unlike established companies, younger companies are less likely to turn down employees when requesting in-office benefits.

Since most of our lives are spent in the workplace, building environments that strengthen people to think, collaborate and think naturally is best. Therefore, here are ways to boost employee productivity by improving workplace design.


Add Greenery

Plants are natural features that enhance creativity, reduce anxiety and stress, and create a peaceful space. Plants also boost air quality, consequently improving a workplace's well-being and health.


Provide Plentiful Natural Light

Natural light continuously improves the mood and productivity of people. Most spaces with natural lighting tend to have very productive people and employees with fewer illnesses than those working in poorly lit workplaces. If the space has limited natural lighting, it is equally okay to install artificial lights that mimic the natural lighting, add skylights, layer lights such as task and ambient lighting, or move the bulky furniture blocking the sunlight.


Improve the Quality of Air

The workplace requires proper air circulation and ventilation to avoid the risk of health problems such as headaches, allergies, and respiratory illnesses. Constant exchange of air filters and air purifiers should help provide proper air quality. You can always install air purification systems and use air duct cleaning services to ensure that your air quality is top-notch and pollutants-free. You can also encourage open windows and add no-smoking policies, increasing the fresh air in the workplace.


Incorporate Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture that is supportive and comfortable reduces health problems such as back and neck pain, which impacts productivity. You want to reduce musculoskeletal disorders by providing furniture that can alternate between sitting and standing. Provide adjustable desks, computer equipment that reduces strain, and comfortable chairs.


Enhance Collaboration

Collaboration among employees promotes better communication and teamwork, leading to better productivity. Design spaces that leave room for collaboration and brainstorming include common areas, meeting rooms, open workspaces, and breakout areas.


Provide Adequate Storage

Tidy and organized workplaces reduce distractions and stress. Give employees ample storage for office supplies and personal belongings to enhance organization. It is crucial to have a clean environment to boost morale.



Workplace design is a crucial business investment for every organization. Creating a comfortable and productive indoor space that facilitates features to advance and support employee wellness is what every company should target to increase productivity.

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