How Electronic Shelf Labels Improve Retail Efficiency and Accuracy

The disclosure of upcoming new technologies has given rise to a growing number of point-of-sale and network supervisors looking for new ways to better sales, enhance the consumer experience, and amend employee management. However, the appearance of new electronic shelf labeling solutions in the current market offers new chances.

These possibilities are for setting up a productive growth and consumer satisfaction program. Electronic shelf labeling is crucial to survival and lies in the continuous optimization of business operations. They have played a vital role in business because of improving tag readability and overall operation regulation. This blog discusses how electronic shelf labels improve retail efficiency and accuracy. 


Consumer Satisfaction and Experience  

In business, customer retention and engagement are key indicators of consumer satisfaction. Enhancing the in-store consumer experience is one of the critical success factors for POS supervisors. However, electronic displays can play an essential role in this appraisal. For example, customers can swiftly see information about the product they are considering buying. 

The information portrayed about the product includes its origin and price. They can also better identify different colors of these products from the shelves. However, photos of the goods offered by some electronic label suppliers make it possible to locate them. So if you are looking for proper electronic label suppliers such as SES-imagotag, you must search for suppliers with the most advanced connected IoT devices for your store. You must ensure that they have the experience and the gadgets that will automate your store with ease, and they will give you value for your money. 


Inventory Management  

This is one of the critical tasks in properly organizing a point of sale, whether effective or physical. This task does not necessarily mean that it cannot be enhanced. For instance, each label can be directed within the point of sale, making it easier for workers to restock commodities. Now electronic labeling has the added advantage of showing customers the number of entities in stock. The good thing with electronic labeling is that it shows even if it is not all directly available on store shelves as expected.   


Perishability Management  

It might be very challenging to identify commodities' expiration dates, mostly when you are in a hurry whenever you visit the stores. But thanks to electronic displays, they can help the customer directly identify the sell-by date of the commodity. They also enable the product supervisor to apply discounts on commodities at the end of the utilization period. It also automatically changes the cost of the goods for consumers. It allows, for example, the supervisor to select and automate the display of a half percent discount for products that are forty-eight hours away from the best-before date. 


Display of Advertisements and Promotions  

Cost control by product type or season, sales period, stock clearance, festive season, and flier discounts is an essential and time-wasting task in in-store display management. Real-time display of advertising, a percentage discount, or future savings for the customer always enables margin control and advertisement performance. At the point of sale, the supervisor can adjust costs based on performance and more efficiently direct consumers to attractive commodities still in wares. However, cross-advertisement of compatible commodities to the products chosen by the customer can be set up depending on the type of electronic labeling resolution selected.


To Wrap It All Up 

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) improve retail efficiency and accuracy by allowing real-time pricing and product information updates. This eliminates the need for manual updates, reducing labor costs and errors. Additionally, ESLs can provide data on product movement and consumer behavior, allowing retailers to make more informed decisions about inventory and promotions. Using ESLs can increase productivity, and cost savings, and improve customer satisfaction.

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