Home-Automation will be possible though the heartbeat

It seems like science fiction but the physiological adaptations of our heart may soon replace the voluntary actions that result from our thinking.It means, for example, that when the heart rate increases, which in turn demands for much more oxygen to various organs, determines the activation of electronic devices that each day surround us. ...

Home-Automation will be possible though the heartbeat

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In other words we are talking about Wearable Technology. HeartSwitch, that’s the project created for people with less or complete absence of autonomy: older people, children, disabled and people who have suffered a temporary accident.

The idea comes from two Italian guys from Naples, who have already developed a prototype.The goal is to extend this project to all aspect of daily life like activating or deactivating windows, electric heating, electrical lights, alarms, until invariably the integration with the most advanced machines such as a rocking chair or a machine that makes coffee, when from your heart it appears that you are going to wake up.

This is an evolution of the “Home Automation”, it’s the beginning of the “Bio-automation” and “Wearable Technology” revolution, that sciences is able to improve quality life starting from the signals of our organs (electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, electromyography, blood pressure, respiratory flow/volume).

Clemente Cipresso
(HeartSwitch project manager, from Italy) says:

  • “The revolution starts on the creation of a device able to follow physiological signals originated from our organism (like heartbeats) and on the production of an automatic output (Physical Computing) after specific events.“
Home automation actually exist, but until now allows interaction through common remote controls, tablet, smartphone, etc., that are often far from their reference target. Instead, through the HeartSwitch device, it will not be necessary keep on hand the stroller to rock your baby.

According to the heartbeat detected, the cradle will start swinging the infant with soothing sounds playing until the child falls asleep.If the baby wakes up at night, depending on a heartbeat increment, the cradle will start rocking automatically, so HeartSwitch will act as a 24 hours per day real babysitter.

The same applies with smart light fitting, that switches on and off depending on heartbeat. It has adjustable brightness and understands if there is anyone awake or asleep, this light works when it is necessary.

A new name could be "Heartlight”, a lamp holder that turns any kind of light bulb in an object “smart”. It might appear as a common light fitting that you can buy in bricolage shops, but it has a Bluetooth system that makes bulb light “smart”.

The Bluetooth system connects the heartbeat detector with the light fitting and if necessary it turns on/off the light.This is made possible through an innovative Bluetooth LE protocol, that makes the bracelet longlasting, without needing to recharge it.Arturo Verde (embedded developer, HeartSwitch tech-director) stated:
  • “The heartbeat signal picked up by the cuff is modulated by a microcontroller comparing the BPM, with a user-defined variable. Therefore, determines the swiching ON/OFF for devices connected to the specific electical devices, at home or in small offices. The protocol that we preferred is a low power Bluetooth LE, significantly more power efficient than Bluetooth Classic. Therefore, this evolution of home automation in Bio-Home-Automation or Bio-Domotics will give utilities in terms of quality of life and energy consumption.”
The project HeartSwitch has had numerous appreciations in some conference and may be plans to start a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstater early 2017.

This is instead the facebook page of: https://www.facebook.com/HeartSwitchProject/ ready to accept every your advice on how to use and improve the prototype.

So, the makers have decided to use part of the creative commons license.


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