Get Your Product into Major Retailers

The best way to sell a consumer product is by getting it to major retailers. Selling online is an option, but you cannot expect it to bring the kind of reach and brand exposure that comes from retail presence. Further, you can procure bigger orders and have a long-term sales pipeline as well. But getting your products to the retail shelves requires a strategic approach as you cannot just expect to walk in and have owners place your stuff in view. Here are some steps that can help you implement a plan to sell through retailers.

Ensure that your product is retail-ready
Brick and mortar stores are serious about using their floor space wisely. They prefer good-looking products that take up as little space as possible. The durability of packaging is another significant factor for them. It means that you need to pick the size and packaging for your offering with care. Visit your ideal stores and check similar items to get a fair idea of what they should look like. With these inputs, you can get started with a retail-worthy product design.

Explore the opportunities
Once you have an ideal offering ready, you will need to explore the opportunities to showcase and sell it. The market is competitive, and you may need to do some hard work to secure collaborations with the best local stores and chains. The best way to do it is with the help of a product placement specialist that has the right connections in the industry. They will connect you with ideal partners without investing effort in prospecting and convincing them. 

Study the potential partners 
Studying your potential partners will give you a better understanding of the way they work, so you will know their expectations early. Check details such as floor layouts, product categories, and displays. Research their buying cycles and get information about regional and nationwide buyers. All the homework at the early stage sets you up for successful negotiations and collaboration with the retailer. 

Establish your terms 
While you must have clarity about the potential retail partners, it is equally vital to establish your terms at this stage. The store will probably want to know the basics of working with you before partnering with you. The potential retail partner will want to know details such as minimum order value, turnaround time, shipping mode, payment terms, and exchanges and returns. Defining these terms early will make things simple when you get started.

Calculate your product cost
It is vital to calculate your true cost per unit with accuracy so that you can run a profitable business. Remember that this figure is not only about manufacturing expenses, but you must consider expenses such as shipping, packaging, and UPC costs too. Calculate fairly while considering these details and come up with accurate sales figures that give you expected profits. 

Finding the right opportunities with leading retails gives your business and product the push start they need. Once you have the right connections, you only have to focus on delivering great quality, and they will do the rest.

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