Follow These Concentration Tips To Become More Productive

We have already seen that keeping a good schedule and having to-do-lists can help you stay organized, but do these two really help you become more productive?

Yes, being organized is imperative but to get more done, you need concentration. Being able to sit on your desk and focus on your tasks for a few hours is what you really need. A half hour of concentrated effort can even get more done that eight hours full of multitasking and numerous distractions.    

That being said, here are a couple of tips that will help you stay focused throughout the working days:      

Clarify Your Daily Goals
Before you start your day, it is important that you know your daily goals. If you are not sure of your goals, you will end up being confused, and it will be impossible to concentrate. Unclear objectives only have you repeating tasks, and you'll become less productive.    

Cut Off The Distractions
It might be obvious to you that distractions can take a toll on your focus, but do you really know how to cut them off? I'm usually tempted to check emails, browse a few tweets or see what my friends are up to on Facebook. But all this ends up preventing me from concentrating.
So, what do I do? Simple, avoid the distractions altogether. Getting into a state of full concentration takes time, and if you are getting distracted every ten minutes, it becomes impossible to focus on your tasks. I'm not suggesting that you avoid your emails for the entire day, but rather answer them at scheduled times. Ask people to not interrupt during working hours and keep your phone in silent mode if possible. You can go through Instagram posts and Facebook during lunch break. Trust me; you won't miss much, and you would have become more productive.    

Structure Your Environment
Your sitting position in the workplace has a huge impact on your ability to concentrate. Things like phones, doors and windows are potential distractions. It's advisable to sit while facing them so that you can take a glance to assess the sounds that have the possibility of breaking our focus.    

Try And Isolate Yourself
Staying away from people when you want to get serious work done increases your chances of remaining focused throughout. You can create a private space and avoiding speaking to other people until you are done with your tasks.      

Be Clear on The Rules
To remain focused, it is imperative that you be clear on the guidelines for the tasks ahead of you. What standards should you adhere to? What quality is expected? Are there any constraints? What functions and flexibility is needed? If the rules are vague, you will slip out of focus are you try to ponder them?   Stimulate yourself There are numerous ways to stimulate your mind when working to ensure greater concentration. Brain training exercises can be one great way to get concentration levels up, your old friend coffee may help and there are other stimulants that also can benefit you too.      

Divide Blocks
More often than not, huge tasks have no definite starting as well as endpoints tend to destroy focus. If you have a huge project that needs a lot of work input, it's important that you identify a clear path that you'll use to get started on the task. If the sequence of these blobs is not obvious, you will fall out from concentration sooner that you expect. As such, it is crucial that you take a few minutes to plan the result as well as the steps to take so that you can save on hours and remain focused throughout.    

Remember to take breaks of five to ten minutes in between two hours. This with the above-mentioned tips will help you concentrate more and become productive.

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