Counterfeit Money - Protecting Yourself

You need to be aware that counterfeit money is on the rise and protecting yourself is an imperative - here’s how!

Be In Expectation of the Check
If a cashier makes the decision to examine your bills, don't be offended by this - it protects everyone involved when bank notes are checked. The regular check-up of security features that are found on notes, whether they be large or small, allows for cashiers to confiscate counterfeit money so that they are out of registers and out of your wallet's change. If you work in a service industry, money can change hands at tables quickly and having protocols in place can really cut down on these issues. It's important to keep security in check at restaurants because it’s common for people to leave the money on the table and leave before it’s picked up by a server

Be Mindful of Your Bills
The security features found on bills can only be helpful if they are used. Why would you want to become aware of these features? To protect yourself from fraud! In an effort to fight the use of counterfeits, the Bank provides the public, as well as businesses and police agencies, free materials when it comes to using security features that are there for everyone's protection. Being mindful of your bills and these security features will be able to help you spot counterfeits that you may come across.

When You Find Suspicious Money
If you stumble upon counterfeit money, be aware that it is a criminal offense not only to make these fake bills but to pass them out as well. Report this suspicious money as soon as you can.

If you suspect that you have been handed a counterfeit note, there are a few steps you will need to take. First, assess the situation and be sure that you are not in a position of risk. Next, do not accept the note and politely explain that you believe it to be a counterfeit. Ask for another note and then check it as well. Advise the individual to inform the police of the bill and have them give it a check. As for yourself, it is a good idea to inform your local police of the possible attempt to distribute counterfeit bills.

When it comes to the individual who passed you the bill, however, be courteous and remember that it is entirely possible they are an innocent victim.

If you have suspicions after a transaction, give the bill to your local police. Timely reporting enables prosecutors to bring counterfeiters to justice, bring fake notes out of circulation, and protect everyone.


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