Cell Phone Forensics Software Pull Data from Mobile Devices

Almost everyone has a mobile device today. It is the one commodity that even criminals, regardless of their areas of focus, still use. 

That's good news for law enforcement agencies who, with cell phone forensics software, can now access cell phone devices in record time without infringing the Chain of Custody (CoC).

Access is the cornerstone of all digital forensics and investigations. And cell phone forensics manufacturers take the lead role in delivering forensics teams with full access and extraction capabilities into locked and encrypted mobile devices. This cell phone forensics software allows for lawful, same-day access to devices and helps solve more crimes in record time.

Mobile Forensics Solution Providers
Digital evidence plays a critical role in today's criminal investigations. That's why lawful access to digital evidence plays a key role in helping agencies unearth vital information and data that could have otherwise remained unattainable.Mobile forensics software could very well be the difference between unearthing the truth about a crime and an investigation remaining unsolved. GrayKey is one of the leading mobile forensics software that helps make data recovery possible.

About GrayKey
GrayKey is a mobile forensics device that extracts inaccessible or encrypted data from cell phone devices. This device offers same-day data extractions on locked iOS and Android devices – often within an hour.GrayKey's primary objective is to extract and obtain critical data that may help with investigations while minimizing the risk of breaking the CoC. The Cell Phone Forensics Software also reduces the risk of compromising evidentiary integrity by allowing forensics teams to access and extract evidence quickly and lawfully.

GrayKey expedites investigations while maintaining control over the evidence. Agents in the field now have instant access to critical data like text messages and call data from locked devices. It is the best data extraction forensics software that preserves evidence by utilizing software and data acquisition methods without compromising the CoC.

Features of GrayKey

  • Fast data acquisition – the device can pull text messages, call logs, and app history from the mobile phone, usually within one hour. This has proved to be extremely helpful to law enforcement agencies in situations where they need more data to continue with their investigations.
  • Full data acquisition – this process may require more time to complete, but includes text messages, call logs, images, and application data. You will also get more data if the device is rooted.
  • Real-time data acquisition – forensics teams can pull the most recent activities and commands on mobile devices. Investigators on the scene can use this information which may be relevant to live situations.
  • Optical capture method – allows investigators to capture screenshots of the mobile device using an embedded camera. The OCR software searches for texts found in images and converts them into searchable actionable evidence data.
In Sum
Most digital forensics tools fail to support the latest devices with better security features. This can make accessing and extracting digital evidence almost impossible for forensics teams.However, GrayKey offers lawful and quick access to digital evidence needed by investigators to accelerate criminal investigations.

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