Building A Cannabis Online Website? Here’s What You Need To Know!

One of the most lucrative businesses there is to be a part of in 2021 is the website and app development industry. While lockdowns and the pandemic put everyone at a standstill, the importance of the tech business has rapidly been expanding in the past couple of years. With many brands trying to go online and reach their customers better, it is highly necessary to find a great website and app development company that can cater to every demand.

One such partnership that works out very well is the online cannabis business, where legalized vendors have moved their dispensaries and stores to sites and apps. Citizens of countries and states where cannabis has been legalized can benefit when it comes to purchasing their favorite strains and products.

If you have a cannabis business that you'd like to take online, there are plenty of factors to pay attention to. To make things easier, this blog will tell you about the makings of great technology partners as well as what you need to focus on while developing a cannabis web store—excited to learn more? Stay tuned and keep reading below!

Developer Prerequisites:
Looking for a well-rounded and experienced web or app developer? Here are the traits to look for while scoping the prospects.

  1. Extensive Portfolio in Cannabis Site Building: When you’re profiling a potential technological partner, it is necessary to understand how immersed the firm or developer is in the respective industry. One huge green flag is when they have an extensive portfolio that can vouch for their past experience and clients. Legitimate and successful development companies will have an impressive portfolio to showcase.
  2. Industrial Knowledge and Expertise: Carrying the industrial experience concept forward, another point to emphasize is the skill and knowledge that these developers or companies hold with respect to the cannabis industry. This is necessary because if they understand the market, they will be able to curate an app or website as per the customer base and their behavior, thus enhancing user experience.
  3. Payments and Price Model: We all know that it can cost a pretty penny to create a sophisticated website, which is the need of the hour to provide better navigation to cannabis products customers. However, what are the cannabis business financing options available from developers? Some technological partners have multiple models of financing and payments that you can opt for as per your requirement.
  4. Buildability (No/ Low-Code): There are full-stack developers that can create stellar apps and websites from scratch and also those who use the low-code and no-code models to help their customers build the software and site they form. This can help in making easy deployments and quicker deliveries when it comes to the timeline. No-code and Flutter development used for apps and websites are also highly customizable, helping you curate your own. It becomes infinitely simple when anyone can get an app built using preset visuals without the need to code complex structures.
  5. Timeline and Agile Communicators: Timelines are a huge aspect when it comes to the successful deployment of an application or website. An effective company is well-versed with Agile communication so that they can keep the clients in touch with the team’s progress. No matter what business you’re trying to transform digitally, handing over the process of technological development requires transparency in communications that your partner must follow through on.
  6. Post-deployment Support: How do the technological partners provide post-deployment services once the application or website is deployed? If you have any grievances or changes to be made, are they available to help quickly? What kind of customer support do they provide to you as a client? These are a few questions that you can ask while vetting a company or individual developer.

Website and Application Development Particulars to Pay Attention to:
Once you know what to look for in a developer, it is simple to choose the right one for you. However, what do you know of your needs and wants in a website? Here are a few pointers to help you get started.
  1. Site Aesthetic: Your site aesthetic is what your clients observe the second they open the link. Visuals matter, and so does the overall layout. While designing a website, a brand owner must have a brief idea about what their site blueprint should look like, along with other add-on features that would make them stand out from the competition. Nothing reflects class better than an online shopping experience that makes the owners feel good about browsing and purchasing.
  2. UI/UX Design: Gone are the days where shady websites and apps were tolerated. Today, these are considered one of the biggest red flags because legitimate websites have turned themselves around 180 degrees and curated an online shopping-like experience for cannabis buyers.
  3. Easy Add to Cart and Checkout: The customer’s journey through your website determines how simple it is for them to find the strain or product they are looking for. Taking too many steps and clicks to finish the purchase can make customers lose patience, thus increasing the abandoned cart rate. Make sure that customers can make a super speedy purchase and find exactly what they search for on your website if it is available in stock.
  4. Secure Payment: What is scarier than trusting your bank and card details on a shady site that has no three-tier security? Your payment gateway becomes more prone to frauds and scams if you haven’t integrated it with double encryption and authentication. Earning your customer’s trust and loyalty requires you to safeguard their private data and passwords, which is why we recommend keeping a check on your site certifications and payment gateway securities.

Wrapping Up:
The journey into digitally transforming your cannabis business can be very rewarding once you choose the correct partners to support you with their technological expertise. Your customer retention rate and audience can reach a better level, thanks to your online presence. Make sure that you scan your prospects well and tell them about your expectations of site design, security and support well before you start!

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