Best Practices Startups Can Follow To Avoid Data Theft Lawsuits

Data is perhaps the most valuable asset for modern businesses as they can leverage it for valuable insights for better decisions. However, having tons of it on your systems translates into a risk of data theft. The threat is even more daunting for startups because they are easy targets for hackers. Unfortunately, data theft can kill your startup as it may result in regulatory fines or penalties, hinder customer trust, and hurt your reputation.

Even worse, it brings the daunting risk of lawsuits because customers can sue you for compromising their personal and financial details. Lawsuits are the last thing startup owners want to deal with, but countless American businesses encounter them. Thankfully, adopting these best practices can help you avoid data theft lawsuits.

Know your risks
Knowing your risks is perhaps the best defense against data theft lawsuits in the long run. Startups often get into trouble because they get complacent about cyber risks, considering the small volumes of data they hold. But hackers tend to see them as soft targets and compromise their systems. Being aware of threats such as malware, software vulnerabilities, and weak credentials keeps you alert and enable you to stay a step ahead of attackers.

Prevent data breach
This one is a no-brainer because stopping data breaches keep lawsuits at bay. The good thing is that implementing a few measures is enough to fortify your defenses, even on a startup budget. Updating your antivirus software, safeguarding your networks with a firewall, and encrypting sensitive files give you a good start. You can go the extra mile by training employees to create awareness and implementing viable cyber defense policies for your new business.

Seek expert advice
A data breach can land you in court and lead to penalties according to the law of your state. You must hire a local expert with an in-depth understanding of the state laws on cybercrime to build your defense. For example, a Tempe Attorney knows the nitty-gritty of Arizona laws, so you can collaborate with them to handle the allegations. You cannot leave these lawsuits to chance because they can get you in a fix, even if someone breaks into your systems and steals third-party data.

Take steps to reduce your liability
Taking relevant steps to limit your liability can save your startups from the potential impact of data breach lawsuits. IT companies can use detailed client contracts to define roles and responsibilities and mention liability limitations. All businesses can mention them in terms and conditions on their websites. While you may face lawsuits in the event of a breach, these measures may potentially reduce your liability and strengthen your defense strategy.

Get insurance coverage
A lawsuit may come when you expect it the least, despite the best precautions to safeguard your digital assets. Although you cannot prevent them altogether, getting insurance coverage enables you to cover the costs of a lawsuit. You can consult a business insurance expert to consider options like general fidelity insurance, cyber liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, and fidelity bonds.

Cyber attacks are common, and even the most prepared businesses are at risk. The real concern about these attacks is that they may bring lawsuits for your startup. However, you can minimize them with the right preventive measures in place.

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