Anatomy of An Entrepreneur; Unlocking the Secrets of Success

Who is an Entrepreneur? What image comes to your mind when you think about an entrepreneur? This has been an old age question since long. Do you think about a suited boss? Business owner? Risk taker? Resourceful guy? ...

Anatomy of An Entrepreneur; Unlocking the Secrets of Success

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Or the one who starts a small business?
You cannot define an entrepreneur with a single definition. It's good to think that entrepreneurship is a meritocracy. Generally, entrepreneurs spend time with like-minded people rather than the naysaying loser friends because they will drag you down.Well, if the following characteristics or quirks describe you, you might be an entrepreneur.

Making of a successful entrepreneur
Everyone knows who entrepreneurs are, but no one knows how they become the one. Are they some special kind of people who are born with the innate skill that rest of the people lacks or they created by education and experience?According to a report, entrepreneurs are not born, they are made with traits and experiences which moulded them to choose the path of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are the major contribution to society for economic development. Entrepreneurship always remains to be a booming industry and serving as the backbone of the economy. But, be a successful entrepreneur is different from wanting to become one.
Entrepreneurial leaders are transitioned; they already had experienced the outside world before entering the entrepreneur world. You need to understand the work behaviour of the entrepreneurs before step into the entrepreneur journey. Entrepreneur's behaviour has a cyclothymic quality. Their Narcissistic development tends to be of reactive nature. It's easy to start a business but to build your startup from scratch and get succeeded is not that easy. The path to success is not that easy. It's full of potholes.

No entrepreneur can achieve the success without a strong support network. Every successful entrepreneur is surrounded by mentors that offer a built-in support system. As much as the world needs entrepreneurs for a steady economic growth, they need them too for support.The world needs creative thinkers who dove headfirst into uncertainty and have bird's eye view of the largest business. If we see the history of the entrepreneur world, no successful entrepreneur from the past has ever titled as succeeded without the support.While finding the support, consider your family and friend circle first before anyone else. Only they can poke your idea and raise the questions which will tell you the lacking points of your idea. This way prevent the entrepreneurs from failing.

Growth mindset
An entrepreneur who wants to be successful does not need any professional degree. All they need is a certain business mindset to grow, or you can say the thinking pattern habitually adopted to govern the results you achieve.But not all the wantrepreneurs (want to be entrepreneurs) understand the business mindset without which success is unlikely. Scarce of business mindset is an important factor which can make or break an aspiring company. The right growth mindset is the deepest factor inside the anatomy of an entrepreneur.

Most of the entrepreneurs doing startups just because they are not employed. But in order to get the success, they have to transform their hobby into a thriving business.  It's very rare when an entrepreneur nailed it on the first try.

Usually, every successful entrepreneur has the mindset that the success is the ability to learn from the mistakes. Because no matter how consciously you plan, you are going to make a mistake.

Risk assessor

If you describe the entrepreneur which words you will use? Dedicated? Optimistic? Motivated?I am sure these words describe the entrepreneur to some extent but risk taker, troublemaker, are more accurate. Taking the risk willingly is the stepping stone to entrepreneurial success. Usually, most of the entrepreneurs tend to experiment and take risks. Entrepreneurs being a risk taker cannot see the barriers, they just see the hurdle as an opportunity where others see issues.Entrepreneurs relied on their gut feeling when it comes to taking a decision.

While facing the everyday challenges, every entrepreneur finds themselves in uncharted territory where they have to make a sound decision with very little research and available data.This is the general rule of thumb in the anatomy of the entrepreneurship to have the good understanding of the risks which come gradually and finally, come up with the well-informed decision.


Successful entrepreneur! But what allows them to be successful? It's not the grit or any buzz word we hear frequently. It's the entrepreneur network in addition to other factors.'Funding' is something every business needs to reach its fullest potential.

At the earlier stages of the business, ensure that you have the sufficient funds to invest. Because the dearth of funding can be redundant the value of other factors. The lack of funding could close down the business even if your business has the potential to be successful.

About the author Kapila Tanwar Limiting her in few words would be a herculean task. She Likes to add some zing to the story. When not writing, she loves to watch movie. She especially enjoys being a fashionholic. 

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