Addressing Mental Health Problems In The Workplace

Mental health problems can have a significant impact in the workplace. Issues such as anxiety, depression, or stress can interfere with job performance, causing an estimated 12.5 million days of missed work on an annual basis.

A survey that was recently conducted by Clarity Clinic found that 19% of people working at companies with 500 or more employees experienced dissatisfaction with their lives. In addition, 14% of the people in the study felt like they were not in control of their lives. An additional 23% felt that they weren't capable of dealing with the challenges of life.

These numbers illustrate just how prevalent stress-related problems are in the workplace. Many people have difficulty dealing with today's high levels of stress. For businesses, one of the major challenges is figuring out how to address mental health issues in the workplace. The following suggestions may help.

Prioritize mental health - Avoid glossing over the issue. Instead, make it one of the priorities at your place of business. In order to accomplish this, you need to get everyone involved, including upper-level management. Creating a work environment that promotes good mental health starts at the top. If you take a band-aid approach that doesn't really address the problem, workers can easily see through it. Really commit to the idea of making mental health a workplace priority.

Start a Discussion - one of the best ways to deal with mental health challenges is by talking about them. Convincing some of the higher-ups at the company to talk about any mental health issues that they have faced in their own lives is a good way to remove the stigma around these types of problems. Talking openly about these issues encourages workers at all levels to share their own experiences.
Create a relaxing work atmosphere - workplace stress can cause or worsen mental health problems.

Creating a relaxing work environment can go a long way toward keeping mental health issues in check. Encourage workers to find a balance between time spent at work and time spent at home. Try to keep them from answering emails or performing other work-related tasks when they aren't in the office. It is also important to recognize the accomplishments of staff members. From a management standpoint, focus on empowering and mentoring workers instead of trying to control them.

Offer Training - all managers or people in leadership roles should be properly trained on how to address potential mental health problems in the workplace. Use training programs to give them the tools that they need to help employees who may be struggling with issues related to mental health.

Make sure employees know about their mental health benefits - if your company offers mental health benefits, make sure that employees know about them. Advertise the various services that are available and make sure employees know how to get help if they need it. Provide anonymous options for seeking help, as well.
Dealing with mental health problems at work is something that a lot of businesses shy away from. It is important, however, to realize just how much these issues can impact your business. Workers who suffer from mental health problems are more likely to underperform or to frequently call in sick. Finding a way to support people with mental health issues can go a long way toward making your employees happier and your company more successful.

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