6 Proven Marketing Strategies to Fuel Startup Growth

Today's highly competitive and hyper-connected business environment necessitates every business to find creative ways of reaching its target audience with its core message, products, and services. Without a marketing strategy or plan, it will be impossible to achieve anything in today's market. Luckily, with the right strategies, your business can grow exponentially. We share some tips below.

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Invest in social media
With the 4.48 billion people owning social media accounts, there is a whole world of potential customers that any business can access. In essence, social media is king in fueling startup growth. However, before you join the bandwagon and create accounts on every social media, you might want to learn some basics of social media marketing. For instance, what do you wish to achieve? Who is your audience? Which platforms are they on, and how can you reach them?These questions will help you understand what platforms to capitalize on. Statistics show that visual social media platforms like Facebook, Tik-Tok, Instagram, and YouTube grow faster than text-based ones like Twitter. Once you know which platforms to advertise on, get acquainted with the one and two's of social media marketing.

Invest in Linear TV advertising
Having one strategy will not take you so far. If you are looking to generate sales and fuel growth, diversifying your marketing strategies is the way to go. Part of diversifying is investing in TV advertisements and particularly linear TV advertisements. You are perhaps wondering what is linear tv advertising and how it can fuel growth for your startup.

Simply put, it is a systematic schedule in which adverts are designed to run for a specific time on a particular medium. What makes Linear TV advertising effective is that it caters to prime TV viewing, which is when most people are in front of their screens. What's more, is that it is less expensive and is the dominant channel for reach and visibility.    

Try video content
According to statistics, video content is becoming the most popular form of marketing. Consumers love videos because they are easy to digest, engaging and entertaining. Think about it; not everyone likes to sit and read, right? On the other hand, almost everyone will be interested in watching a fun and engaging three-minute video about a solution or product that might add value to them. All you need is to create a posting schedule, tell stories that are not too dry or technical, and include tutorials, demos, and customer-generated content.

Master the art of search engine optimization
Simply put, Search engine optimization is a process that increases your brand presence, recognition, and traffic to your website. If done right, SEO can help you get good rankings and help you land on the front page of Google search. It would interest you to know that 75% of consumers stick to the first page of search results.  Below are some ways to enhance SEO as a way to fuel growth:

  • Invest in SEO tools-Top SEO tools are Moz, Yoast, and Prosper strategies.
  • Develop authoritative content
  • Build strong Backlinks
  • Add long-tail keywords to your most popular pages
Leverage influencer marketing
According to statistics, 72% of buyers look for industry peers when searching for relevant content for B2B purchase decisions. What's more, is that today's buyers trust referrals from people they know. This means that the place of influencer marketing can no longer be ignored. You can boost your visibility as a startup by finding the right influencer, preferably those in your niche.

Use email marketing
While most entrepreneurs downplay the role of email marketing, the truth is when used effectively, it can be one of the best ways to entice your audience and grow your business. Email marketing is unique because you do not need to worry about losing revenue sources, like in other platforms built on third-party platforms. In essence, your contacts are solely yours and can be contacted any time you wish. Getting email marketing right all boils down to knowing your audience, their problems, and the solution they need.Here are some of the ways to grow your business through email marketing:
  • Send personalized content to your customers
  • Try email marketing campaigns
  • Have a regular schedule for sending emails
  • Stay in touch with old customers
  • Publish regular blog posts and newsletters
Wrapping up
From our discussion, it is pretty evident that there are some marketing strategies that startups can employ. Luckily, most of them do not require heavy funding, which might be lacking for most startups. With a proper plan, you should be able to grow your business with these strategies.

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