6 Online Reputation Management Tips

Better online reputation management means people are going to have a positive first impression about your business. These tips will help with that. 

1. Get Your Customers to Share Positive Experiences and Reviews
You can get customers to give a review by using a gentle request or reminder, such as "Please share your positive experience!" or "Did we exceed your expectations today?" You can put this on the bottom of the web page, on a sign in your establishment, or at the bottom of receipts.

Many customers are quick to share complaints or negative comments. However, most people don't consider offering props for good service or voicing appreciation. You must note that this works best when you do it before you receive negative reviews. In other words, don't wait for a problem before beginning to work on your reputation.

A lot of the big review services have a lot of power according to SEO company Online Advantages. This allows them to rank well under your brand name when people google you and this can be a big help when it comes to reputation management.

2. Solve Problems and Connect with Consumers
You can demonstrate how your company adds value to their lives by solving their problems and making connections. Many large companies create special social media accounts to address consumer complaints. When a customer sees you care and are working for a positive effect, it can be a boost to your reputation.

3. Find Ways to Tell Your Company Story
One of the best ways to tell your company's story is with content. You can also give consumers a connection with your company by revealing your mistakes, along with your company. You can use real-life examples of how your services or products can help others.
Remember to use a conversational and friendly tone. Don't spout corporate speak or use confusing jargon. This can humanize your company and let you relate to consumers. This enables you to more ahead of the competition.

4. Direct the Conversation and Monitor Your Presence
Even if you don't post information about your company, other people are. You need to know what others are saying about your business. For example, are customers on flocking to social media to comment or complain about your sales or customer service department.
If you're not aware of the problem, you won't know how much this issue is affecting your online reputation and know that this is an area of your company that needs improvement.

5. Rethink How You Use Social Media
You can use social media for more than just adding posts on a trending topic or directing people to your YouTube videos. With so many people checking social media and others listing it as their preferred communication method, you may want to expand on the way they use it.
You may use social media to provide information that will help your company position or deliver crisis communication responses. This can help you make a thought leader in the industry.
6. Remember the Power of Social Media
Since Google has re-established its agreement with Twitter, Tweets can appear in the search results. Social media may have a huge effect on your company's online reputation. Even a few negative comments about the company, it may be the first thing a prospect sees when they Google the name of your company.

You may see your social media profile instead of all the good news you can share. Increasingly, the news media are picking up on social media posts. Social media posts are not just for the chosen few; they offer the potential for things everyone can see. That's why you need to watch what you say on social media platforms.

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