5 Tips for Making the Break Room A More Refreshing Place

We all like to be comfortable and productive in the workplace, but this is not usually the case with many office settings. In order to be focused on your tasks in the workplace, you need to incorporate various things, relaxation being one of them. That being said, what should you do to ensure that you have a relaxing and comfortable break room in the workplace? 

Decoration should be especially emphasized on the break room. The break room is the place where workers go to relax and keep their minds of the stressing tasks ahead of them for a couple of minutes and regain the energy to handle the remaining work. As such, it is important to set a lively and stimulating break room. A room with white walls and a single poster describing the rights of the workers won't do the trick. You need to paint the walls with a unique color or a distinct pattern. You van ideally decorate the walls with motivational posters and place interesting artwork on the tables. Whatever you decide to settle for, just ensure that it makes the break room a refreshing and relaxing place to be. Otherwise, it will just feel like another part of the office, and the employees will barely feel relaxed.

Comfortable seating 
If you want to bore people and have them looking for other places to spend their break time, then fill the break room with stiff wooden chairs. A break room is more than just a place to take lunch, and so, you might want to bring in a sofa or two to accommodate people who just want to relax. The comfortable furniture might seem like a costly investment, but it helps the workers feel more relaxed as well as respected. This in turns motivates them, and they become more productive in the workplace. 

Consider an Outdoor Space 
The great outdoors is the perfect place for people to be able to recuperate and get their mind’s focused during a break time. A little bit of greenery and some trickling water from large outdoor fountains as well as some natural light or god forbid, sunshine, can make employees feel a lot better. If you have the space, then it’s something to be considered. 

Depending on how and when you want to honor your workers, you can use the break rooms as a place to host regular parties throughout your organization. For instance, you can celebrate an employee's birthday or even save it for departmental awards. Regardless of what you choose to celebrate in the break room, it should be a place where your workers can associate with positive encounters, and this will add to the relaxing atmosphere that they can enjoy when on breaks. 

Requested Features 
Last but not least, you should consider having break rooms that have an array of features requested by the workers themselves. There's no better way to know what a person values or likes than to simply ask them. You can put a suggestion box in the break room where the workers can suggest their ideas on how to make the break room a better environment. You can then incorporate the most valued suggestions. This not only shows that you care and value their opinions, but it makes them happier and more relaxed during breaks.

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