5 Reasons Why Yelp Reviews Are Important

Imagine you are going to take your crush on a charming date. You are sweating to find a decent Italian restaurant with a sound ambiance because Italian is not your cup of tea. However, your date likes Italian dishes. Your friend suggests two Italian restaurants in the town but he hasn’t visited either. How would you choose the one for your date tonight?

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In the era of word of mouth (WOM) marketing, you can refer to a trusted site that gives trustworthy reviews about restaurants and several other businesses. With over 180 million unique visits every month, Yelp comes across as a unique platform to read customer reviews. Now for local businesses, good Yelp reviews can give you an edge over your competitors. Here are 5 reasons why Yelp reviews are important.

1. Brand Presence
Yelp has redefined the classic word of mouth advertising and it is known for credible reviews. Yelp can be used by local businesses as a tool for self-branding. Getting positive reviews on Yelp often places your business on the top of the Yelp search. In order to market your brand, you need to add content to your Yelp listing that highlights your specialty and the range of products available with you.

You can go an extra mile with the proper keyword research. Using the right set of keywords in the content listings of Yelp can help your brand name pop at the top of Google search results. You can use some tools like Google Keyword Planner or use web search results of Buzzsumo to do your keyword research.

2. Review Monitoring
Fake reviews can hurt your business, especially if you are starting fresh. Further, if you want to grow your business, you need to act on the needs and demands of your customers. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to what your customers say.

The demands of customers can vary across regions and dates. Further, people may have similar complaints. Instead of responding to each one of them, a social media post proves to be a simplified option. But how do you sort such comments? ReviewTrackers can help you with monitoring reviews and sort them based on location, date and the feedback ratings, all on one dashboard. This seems to be a time-saving option as you don’t have to scramble all over the Yelp platform to search for reviews important to you.

3. Influence Your Potential Customers
A study reveals that 67% of consumers are influenced online. A business with 4.5/5 and just 10 reviews may not be that trustworthy than a business that has 4/5 rating and 120 reviews. Ratings impact revenue and a good review on Yelp can influence your potential customers. Thus, businesses should strive for better reviews on customer evaluation platforms like Yelp.

4. Create Brand Image Through Promotion
Yelp advertising is a relatively cheaper way to promote your business and they can put you ahead in the competition. Yelp ads offer flexibility to suit your needs. Do you know that 82% of the Yelp users browse the app or website with the intent of buying a product or service? So, promoting your products through Yelp ads can help drive traffic to your business. A successful marketing campaign on Yelp will create a lasting impression in the minds of potential buyers.

5. Respond and Interact with Customers
“Yelp for Business Owners” is a powerful tool that allows businesses to converse privately with customers. You can analyze customer engagements, their brand loyalty and several other metrics through data analytics using this tool. This also helps you to design target triggers so that every touch point subtly pushes the viewers towards buying a product. Responding to reviews through a public comment often highlights the transparency in your business. A gracious “Thank You” can take your business a long way. Further, acknowledging the critical reviews, acting on customer suggestions and posting them in public comments highlights your professionalism. There are very subtle things which if done wrong can shoo away your customers.
Consumer evaluation of products and services is closely linked to branding success. Today digital reputation is a crucial part of identity management. Therefore, Yelp reviews do matter!

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