5 Different Types of Canopies for Your Next Event

It’s a new year! You’re attending an event. Pop up canopies were specifically made for outdoor sessions, depending on the frame material and size of the tent. Here are 5 different types of canopies you can use for your next event....

5 Different Types of Canopies for Your Next Event

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The sun is shining, the weather is fine and there’s expected to be a huge crowd of people. Whether this event is for business, friendship or a family gathering, there’s no outing a canopy tent can’t fit nicely into. These structures are made to be a temporary shelter (as well as a gathering place) for people.  Pop up canopies were specifically made for outdoor sessions, depending on the frame material and size of the tent. Here are 5 different types of canopies you can use for your next event.

1. Dome
As you can imagine, having a dome tent is an incredible choice. These domes require one or more air blowers blowing a continuous stream of air into it. These domes can be used for fun activities at children’s parties. (Once a year at school, they would blow up a dome tent and have each class from different grades sit inside the tent. Then a teacher would point out the various stars and galaxies to us. It was mind-blowing.)

2. Poles
A canopy tent is a special thing. As they have center and side poles, they are primarily used for extremely large events. Pole tents have unusually high peaks. Anywhere where it is suspected that a lot of people will be in attendance. Depending on the structure material, they may or may not be heavy to set up.

3. Carport
Carport canopies are a unique breed all unto their own. As you can imagine, they are a perfect stop for parking cars, trucks and other vehicles. Think of them as portable garages that you can travel with you wherever you go. It’s a cold winter February in this part of the world, and at least 3 of my neighbours have their carport canopies set up. Come sun or snow, these tents are made to endure the elements.

4. Shade Canopies
While it’s true that each of these canopies provide a layer of shade from the sun, shade canopies were specifically designed to perform this task. Many shade canopies are larger than your standard canopy, providing a wider range of shade for guests and visitors. People who sell goods at shows, fairs or farmer's markets will benefit well from shade canopies in particular.

5. Cross-Cable
Most canopies you come across were intended to be installed on the grass. Cross-cable frame tents, on the other hand, were specifically designed to be installed on pavement, cement, concrete, etc. This is because these tents require no staking – and no center poles to keep the tarp/head up. They usually have aluminum framing, which means that it will help the high peaks stand up to particularly strong winds. They can be sized in different shapes such as L-shaped tents and T-shaped tents.

One size of canopy tent does not fit all – the best thing about these is that they are customizable to your needs, whatever those needs are. These devices are simple to use, simple to set up and simple to dismantle. They are also incredibly easy to transport – although it does require some effort. You won’t need a team of people to move tents from one place to another.

Most canopies, regardless of type, are usually made of stainless steel, aluminum or a powder-coated metal. Depending on the size of your tent and the frame’s material, some structures will be heavier to carry than others.

Regardless, knowing about the variety of canopies will help you decide which one you need for your next outing.

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