4 Proven Tips To Build a Professional Image for A Startup

Setting up a startup is a tremendous challenge, as one has to do everything from scratch. It commences with having a market-viable business idea, finding the suitable office space, hiring the best talent, deciding on the business name, having a logo, and finally translating your vision into reality.

Amidst all these hassles with launching a business, many entrepreneurs turn a blind to establishing a professional image to gain stakeholders’ trust. Without their trust, the road to survival is bumpy, and the odds of failure become skyrocketing high. 

So, how do startups gain their stakeholder’s trust?... Well, you must have heard the phrase- the first impression is the last. If your brand looks presentable, it will attract potential customers and clients. And for this, you need to establish a distinction between personal and professional life. 
Here’s how: 

Have A Dedicated Business Contact Number
Having a personal contact number to pitch to your potential angel investors and venture capitalists is a prevalent mistake. Ideally, you should have a dedicated business number that is promoted on the company's marketing documents, official website, and business cards. Not only does it look professional, but it’ll also lower the risk of missing out on an opportunity because a voicemail got “lost” within your personal ones. 
You can also try the convention and set up a Google Voice number. It’s free and saves voicemail online. 

Get A Domain Name
A business website is a no-brainer in the present digitalized world. It’s a powerful means to boost brand awareness and connect with new prospects. As a startup, you may use a free domain name; however, it would be wise to own a private domain as soon as possible. 
Nevertheless, when it comes to domain names, give preference to a short and sweet name that aligns with your business goals rather than over complicated ones. The business name needs to be catchy, unique, and easy to remember, thus, building a great brand impression on stakeholders. 

Dress To Impress
How well you present yourself for client meetings is critical. Though it’s your work that’ll enable you to seize the opportunity, dressing up formally is an absolute given. Be well groomed, pay attention to your body language and avoid casual clothing.

In fact, if you have a team, it would be best to have a dress code. Wear a polo shirt, get a round lanyard, and match a tie. Agree or not, it will instantly make you look credible and professional. 

Note: Dressing up well is essential, even if you are attending a virtual meeting. However, it’ll include additional considerations such as proper lighting, clear background, and well-connected internet. 

Seek Professional Help 
Last but not least, the startup branding would be an integral part of gaining stakeholders’ trust. Therefore, you should invest in web and graphic design. Of course, there are free tools and software available online that you could use for branding. However, as you are already wearing different hats, hiring professionals to do the job would be best. 

They’ll understand your company’s mission and vision and create the logo, business cards, brochures, web design, and more. Ensuring that your firm’s message is delivered seamlessly. 

Let’s Take A Recap
Stakeholders’ trust is the foundation of every enterprise- big or small. Therefore, all your efforts in the first few years of commencement should be directed towards gaining loyalty. Establishing a professional image would play a significant role here. So, try the tips given and reap their benefits.

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