4 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Congratulations! You’ve got your team together and your startup dream has become real. However, you should know that this was the easy part. The difficult part is getting your brand to stand out amongst the others and be recognized. Now, unlike multinationals, you probably don’t have the budget to ask a celebrity to endorse your brand or take the traditional ad marketing routes. Thankfully, digital marketing does not involve very high investments and is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your potential clients. Here are 4 digital marketing tips that could help your brand get the name and fame it deserves.

Optimize your Website
Optimizing your website can make it easier for clients to find you. This includes ensuring that your website runs fast and that it is SEO friendly. To make sure your page runs smoothly, run Google Speed Insights on your website and follow their suggestions. SEO is best outsourced to experts like Submitcore SEO. This will help you design your website with landing pages based on relevant keywords and make page titles more SEO friendly.

Have Active Social Media Accounts
Along with having social media accounts, you should also make sure that they are active. Post frequently and consistently. It is important for all your posts to reflect the brand image but do not make every post a promotional one. Instead, create content that your clients can benefit from. Also, use these platforms to interact with your audience and get a better understanding of what they really need from you. You could also partner with influencers to reach out to a larger audience.

Create Original Content
Write or get someone else to do it for you. Nothing is better than having original content to boost your brand image and make it more visible. Content not only builds brand awareness but also makes you known as a credible authority in your field. SEO keywords that a firm like Submitcore resellers will give you are important when it comes to content but be careful how you use them. Create content that your audience can relate to and that will be useful for them. Don’t forget to ensure your content is grammatically correct and supplement it with relevant images.

Email Marketing
Sending out a mass email that simply promotes your brand is a big no-no. But, creating an interesting email campaign can give you a very high return on your investment. Keep your copy crisp and engaging with catchy titles. Avoid using market jargon. Prioritize information and ensure the benefits of reading this email are clearly visible to your client. Also, since most people check their mail while on the move, optimize your emails for tablets and mobile phones.

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